M2TWEOP - Engine Overhaul Project

M2TWEOP - Engine Overhaul Project

What Is M2TWEOP?

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M2TW Engine Overhaul Project is designed to expand the capabilities of the game Medieval 2: Total War.

EOP uses C++ and Assembly to modify the game's code in-memory and exposes this to the end user via a Lua API and the EOP Lua Plugin[youneuoy.github.io]

As a user, you can install EOP and use it to enhance your game.

As a modder, you can add EOP to your mod and utilize it's various features to enhance your mod.

Some of the features include

Hugely expanded Lua scripting system that integrates seamlessly with existing campaign_script scripts, hot-reload, new custom console, debugger and much more

Breaks the EDU limit allowing or more than 500 units in a mod

Place .fbx models anywhere on the strategy or battle map with full animation and texture support

Render .cas models for characters, settlements, forts, or anywhere on the map based on any kind of condition you can imagine

Play custom sounds or music with support for WAV, OGG/Vorbis and FLAC

Unlocks all vanilla console commands

Rome: Total War style tactical map viewer

Create your own GUIs and overlays using the popular ImGUI

New custom EDU system that allows the creation and modification of new and existing units without the need to restart the game

Play out Hotseat battles online and transfer the results back to the campaign map

Set your own limits for the number of religions, ancillaries, bodyguard units, building chains, max unit size

Set the boundaries of the number of soldiers in units

Fixed many engine bugs, crashes and oversights (e.g crashes when using berserkers in battle)

Edit the .worldpkgdesc for any settlement on the fly without the need to restart the game

Custom keybinding support

DIscord Rich Presence support for a variety of mods

Added ability to write your own add-ons in C++. The library exports many different functions.

Utilize the packaged M2TWEOP GUI launcher with full customization support as well as the included EOP Health Checker or just allow your mod to be launched directly

Many, many more!

Mods that Support EOP's Discord Rich Presence


Where can I download M2TWEOP?

The latest version of M2TWEOP is located on the "Releases" tab of the M2TWEOP github, here: https://github.com/youneuoy/M2TWEOP-library/releases. You need to download the archive with the word "M2TWEOP" in the title and the extension '.zip' (e.g M2TWEOP-beta-2.14.zip)

How do I install M2TWEOP?

Just unpack the downloaded archive into the folder with your modification (i.e Divide_and_Conquer, Stainless_Steel etc. (NOT THE MEDIEVAL 2 FOLDER).

How do I start a mod with M2TWEOP Enabled?

Double click M2TWEOP GUI.exe, configure your settings and hit Run mod.


You can enable various features of the Engine Overhaul Project either via the launcher or via it's Lua scripting capability.

To edit the default Lua script, open the file youneouyData/plugins/lua/luaPluginScript.lua.

Here's an example. Here we unlock all the games previously locked console commands, set the max ancillary limit for any character to 16 and allow bodyguard units to replenish automatically back to their proper max unit size.

function onPluginLoad()



-- Note that this value "100" is multiplied by the unit_size setting

-- i.e on "Huge" size, the multiplier is 2.5 so the actual bodyguard max will be 100 * 2.5 = 250




You can find us on our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/EkJNxyrBNf

You can also find us on our website: https://youneuoy.github.io/M2TWEOP-library/

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3209397617					

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