TOEM 100% Achievement Guide (No Videos)


Community Card

Take a Photo of Nana!


Experience Toem

*Cannot be completed in this area* (See Kiiruberg)

A Hidden Gift

Obtain pair of clogs from a giftbox behind your house. See the gift by rotating the camera.

Note: Keep wearing the clogs to obtain achievement "Going long!"



Inside enclosure


Around rotten apple on a rock next to the clock

Home Bird

Small birds between your home and apple tree


A bird-like creature at the top of "i" sign above the monkey's booth


The beginning

Story achievement

Home Sweet Home

Take a photo of your home

Going long!

Walk a long distance wearing Clogs. You walk slower in clogs than in bare feet or other shoes so slightly annoying.

Steps are counted throughout the game, so wear clogs throughout the whole game-play until this achievement pops. Else you have to change into clogs and walk around for no real purpose to obtain this achievement.


Community Card

Suspicious Activity - Forest

Monster Spotting

*The quest cannot be completed within this area*

Missing Socks

Become a Scout


Log Blocking A Path

Photo Challenge #1

Photo Challenge #2

Become a Paparazzi

Capture the Hotel's Beauty

Hotel Chef

A Courageous Stallion

Ghost Helper!

Cup Champion

Become a Flower



The calm forest

Story achievement

A majestic hotel

Slow and steady

Watch the snail reach the goal. Just wait.

Nature's showstopper

Complete the photo challanges in Oaklaville (see above)

Strong as an oak

Complete all quests in Oaklaville


Community Card

Suspicious Activity - Harbor

The black coated figure is next to the pier upon arrival. Walk down the ramp to take a photo of it. Hand the photo to the periscope.

Solve the Chaos (obtain the honk)

Talk to the Honk Master (Duck?) panicking at the foot of a light honk house inside a storm. Follow him to the top of the honk-house. Use the camera to take a picture of the storm facing the direction with the eyes-sign. Show the Honk Master the Picture. Focus the camera at the ships located on top of rocks inside the storm.

A Good Spot with No Sun

Talk to the man sunbathing in the shadow of a plinth on the beach. Take a photo of a cosmic cube in the sea from the beach. Talk to the man again.

Queen of Paper Hats

Use the honk to wake up the pirate, she will hand you a key. Equip Diving helmet and dive down the ocean (at the opening at the pier of the beach. Honk away the seagulls) and open the locked chest in the corner. Wake her up and talk to her to exchange the pirate hat for her paper hat. Repeat to exchange your paper hat back to the pirate hat

Photo Challenge #3

- Shy Hippo: Take a photo of the hippo at promenade near the beach

- Ice cream: Honk away the seagulls blocking the way to the pier at the beach. Take a photo of the ice cream on the boat

- Sand: Take a photo of the sand castles on the beach

Photo Challenge #4

- Become a Farmer

Take a photo of yourself standing behind the farmer cardboard

Make someone take a bath

Reach the power plant by the raft near the water fountain. Honk away the seagulls from the operator. Inside the power plant, honk behind a the worker standing dangerously at the edge of the bridge. Go outside the plant and talk to the worker in the river from the bridge nearby.

A lost dog

Pet the dog at the promenade near the beach, it will follow you. Take it back to and talk to its owner by the pier.

Power Shortage?!

Approach the worker next to a large machine inside the factory. Focus on weird parts of the machinery to get it fixed. (The light is at the top in the middle)

Scorching Flame

Wearing ghost glasses, talk to the ghost. Show him a picture of the sun.

Supreme Deluxe Sandwich

Wearing ghost glasses, talk to the ghost outside the factory. Find the sandwich. Honk away the seagulls around it and take the sandwich to the ghost.

Ocean Garbage

Talk to the wooden box beside the tower on a hill. Focus the camera on all the ocean garbage around. The chest in the corner can be opened.

A Whistling Dilemma

Take a photo of the musical notes from sailor humming a tune at the water fountain. Show the photo to the snowman-like character at the piers. Obtain a tape

A Layered Melody

Talk to the wizard at the coast and give him the tape. Cut-scene of wizard and snowman jamming will play. After they finish, a large fish will leap out of the sea. Take a photo of it.

The King of Fishes

Show the sailor at the fountain photo of the large fish at "A Layered Melody".


Bubble fly





On a rock at the beach


Happy Carp


Jelly Fish


King Fish

Follow through quests of "A Whistling Dilemma" and "A Layered Melody". Used in quest "The King of Fishes".


All around the place



Sunday Swan

Between piers

Tato Scuba


Tato Swim

Walk down to the lower level at the arriving pier. Walk to the end of the path and tato swim is out in the sea



A sparkling jump

With your camera ready, honk and then immediately take a photo of the dancing lady near the fountain.

Employee of the month

Take a photo of yourself and put it inside the empty frame under "Employee of the Month" inside the factory

Flight ready

Take a photo of the sparkling seagull in scarf near the ocean garbage fishing building

A voyage underwater

Take a photo from the vantage point under the sea. (Go to the pier at the beach by honking away the seagulls. Go to the manhole at the end of the pier with diving helmet equipped)

Set sail for good weather

Story achievement

Calm as the sea

Complete the photo challenges in Stanhamn


Complete all quests in Stanhamn


Community Card




Community Card




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