Basto Achievement Guide

Completing Basto

Most of the main missions are straightforward and you'll be able to do yourself, so I won't list everything, however here are some of the ones which you may get stuck on.

Bitling Collector:

- Tato - Dock, on top of the sign

- Snail - Same screen as the Bitling NPC, on bamboo near the cave entrance.

- Frog - On the chair near the carnival tent

- Rat - Inside the castle, sitting on the largest castle display

Book of Bats:

Hit the bats with a water balloon. Night time only.

- Douse all the torches in the cave and look up

- Same screen as the Castle, left side.

- Same screen as the bonfire, on one of the strings of lights.

Dry Season:

Missing some plants? The easiest ones to miss are:

- bodybuilders/thirsty guys house

- inside the castle

- inside the carnival tent

- in the cave


Moonlit Beauty:

- Take a picture of the mermaid after hitting her with water, she'll be sparkling

King's new shirt:

- Judge the sandcastle contest, then snap the king, he'll be sparkling.


- Water balloon the worker on the rubber ring

The Royal Castle:

- Photograph the large castle

Pro gamer:

- Complete the 3 different carnival games

Maximum vacation:

- Wear the Sun Hat, Vacation Shirt and Flip Flops, at day and sit on a beach chair.

- The Flip flops can be found in a dig spot near the rubber ring guy.

(Shoutout to id/laurentsydney for this one)

A Viking's holiday:

- Complete all quests (20/20)

Cool moon:

- Night time, snap the moon with the sunglasses filter

Self portrait:

- Sit near the painter at the castle and take a selfie when you start to sparkle.

And some more:

- Fill the compendium (Currently bugged on release day)

The ones you'll probably miss are:

- Tato coco & Crab - Hiding in coconut trees, hit them all with water and you'll find em.

- Glow worm - only visible in first person while in the cave

- Tato King - Water bomb the crack in the wall by the above glow worms to reveal a secret room, douse all the torches in here to reveal some switches, then complete the sliding puzzle to reveal the Tato King.

- Itsy Bitsy spider - same room as Tato King

- Eggert - Yes this is a creature apparently, Day time only.

- Day Lizard / Night Lizard - Count as separate creatures, snap them both at day/night.

- Drill mole - On one of the beaches near the dinosaur bone, only available at night.


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