Map for version 0.5.004 and above

Map for version 0.5.004 and above

Map Without Annotations

Map for version 0.5.004 and above image 1

All rights to this map belong to Miju Games, or to whoever Miju Games says owns them.

Names Of Places

I was going to make another map with the places labelled but I looked at it and it's just a giant spoiler. And we don't all agree on the place names anyway. So instead, here is a list of significant places that you can find as you play, think up your own names for, and make up your own map.


Aluminium Field

Central Valley

Cracked Spires / Spikes / Red Desert

Dune Desert

Gate Desert

Grand Rift

The Labyrinth

Lake District

Meteor Crater

Meteor Field

Mushroom River

Sand Falls

Sulphur Fields

Wasteland / White Desert



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