How to setup Multiplayer Mod

How To Setup Coop

Hello friends and welcome to our guide on how to setup multiplayer (and technically mods in general) on The Planet Crafter! This video is a little long, so will look to condense it in the coming weeks! Till then, see the chapters below to skim through the guide as needed based on your needs during the setup phase.

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0:00 Start

0:35 Downloading mod ability and multiplayer mod

2:24 Unzip that file!

3:00 Files unzipped, now what?

3:09 Walking you to Planet Crafter files

3:39 Found Planet Crafter files!

4:00 Where to paste "Bleeding Edge" mod

4:19 Where to paste "Akarnokd" multiplayer file

4:39 Don't do this, got ahead myself

4:46 Back on track!

5:13 We got it all, now what....

5:30 Time to config a file

6:43 Prepped to coop!

6:58 Talking hosting vs joining

7:13 If you are the host

7:45 If you are joining

7:55 Questions that one could have

9:43 Tilt my hat to Akarnokd

10:38 End

Mod'ing of The Planet Crafter:


Multiplayer mod for The Planet Crafter:


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