Criminal syndicate shares his secrets


My name is tactical slapping, aka homotroglodytes, aka steel family, aka whatever my current steamname is.

And i have about 1300 hours of playing criminal syndicate in multiplayer lobbies, including competetive, tournaments, RP, no rules and streams.

yes, I am that guy

im here too tell/teach you how ive plagued the stellaris multiplayer ever since megacorp launched.

so hold on too your credits, post *your mom* in chat and lets get going!

The Build

Now you are probebly thinking; *dude, criminal syndicate is the worst civic ever, ill gank you so hard, oek oek iek iek im an alloy monke*

Well! thats why if you are going too play criminal syndicate, you are going too need some early game protection, and i have just the orgin for you!

1.orgin: here be dragons!

now you would probebly think that its a useless orgin if you arent playing necro, *becouse after year 30 every decent comp player will have a 30k fleet, easily dispatching your scaly friend. i mean unless they break the 30 years peace, but who would do such a thing?*

turns out, every comp player, including the host, is perfectly willing too rush you on year 2 with a 1k fleet for putting a single criminal branch on their capital planet. and they will take that discord ban with gusto! but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

(1.5.orgin: subterranian.)

(pick this and build armies if dragon is banned)

2.ethics: fanathic xenophile

You wont be making a lot of friends as this build, but you will be making a LOT of trade value. so i advice xenophilia too boost that even further. however! those envoys will come in handy aswell. you will need too establish contact with people before you can make them ragequit afterall.

(the 1 civic point you have left is a free choise, i prefere Authoritarian for that sweet sweet slave market)(xenophile and Authoritarian cancel eachother out)

3.authority: megacorp


4.civics: Criminal Heritage and free traders

title drop! why free traders? becouse we are going too be spamming those branche officess too the moon!

5.traits: Thrifty

Thats the most importand one, however theres a lot of customization you can do here;

strong/very strong for energy, turteling AND minerals

charismatic for getting the approval of the AI that ragequiters leave behind

Industrious for minerals which are rather usefull for building smuggler ports

Ingenious if you want over energy 100 per month before the game even starts

Resilient for even more turteling but i dont advice it

(i personaly use Thrifty, Industrious and Ingenious)

as for negetive traits, well unruly is just free points, but the rest is whatever you want. preferebly nothing that hurts your raw resource gathering

6.leader: highly customizeble

anything that gives you more raw goods realy, such as:

a governer that gives you stability=more goods

an admiral that reduces ship upkeep=more goods

a general that decreases espionage operations=more influance(importand later)

a scientist that erm. yea i dont do a lot of science, i usualy just buy fleets lol

see next page for how too use this terrible built

Year 2200-2230

alright, step by step guide on how too do this, first lets take care of this useless capital planet that we have.

1.set your science ship too explore, but without surveying astroid mines and astroid research stations in your home system a second science ship

4.civilian economy

5.hostile takeover policy wellfare

7.sell all your consumer goods (unless your realy unlucky you should still have a tiny surplus) minerals

9.agraculture disctric>Industrial District>remove slums>agraculture district

(this should keep your capital happy for a while)

10.put a scientist in your new science ship and have it explore without surveying aswell a 3th science ship, same as before will probebly have found contacts by now, use your envoys too establish communications 2 gun turrets and a targeting uplink in your home system

14.chill untill you have established your first contact

15.once established, a few things can happen:

A.if AI, send an envoy too improve relations too cordial, then offer them a trade for their communications and sensor link for 30 years. give them some food or whatever (you can drain their resources by trading them useless favors WARNING: only in lobbies without rules)

B.if its TW, declare rivelairy for influance and never think about them again

C.if its a player, trade with them your sensor link, your communications and 10 favors in exchange for their communications, sensor link and no favors for the next 10 years.

if they accept, BUILD BRANCHES EVERYWHERE!! expecialy on their capital planet! and add smuggler ports anywhere you can, followed by corperate officess, underground clubs and disinformation centers/pirate harbors. this is the most importand thing for you too do with this build.

if they decline, send an envoy too do espionage BUT no operations yet! save those infiltration points for later ;)

D.if its a player and its a hivemind, trade with them your sensor link, your communications and 10 favors in exchange for their communications, sensor link and no favors for the next 10 years.

then eather ask them too guarentee your indipendance for energy, or declare them a rival for free influance. no branches though :(

E.if its some spacecows or whatever, research them at your leasure. you dont realy need research for this build.

F.if its marauders, then lol. Lmao even. hire marauder raids on your rivals as soon as possible and on cooldown. it costs 3k energy and they will raid their nearest planet too the marauder enclave. it doesnt require you too declare war and is the number 1 way of getting people too call you slurs :D

16.if you have reached 1k influance, then start some espionage operations. first aquire some essets, then steal their tech, then send pirates.

17.pick the espionage tradition tree first for funni, then defensive and adaptibility for less bombardment dammige

18.take eather the lord of war/mastery over nature ascention perk for mid game or the one vision perk for early game


if people ask you too remove branches, ask for guarentees of independance in return.

if people sent you treats or slurs, focus more branches on them for max results

if people say that you broke the rules, calmly inform them that you didnt with many :) :) :)

if people declare war on you, dont panic! the dragon has got your back

capital planet branches are more importand then colonies, but every branch is worth it

a 0% crime rate on a planet will remove your branch after a while

at the start of these steps you will have little energy and a lot of influance

by the end of these steps you will have little influance and a lot of energy

you will notice that i have said nothing about starhold expantion. thats becouse you wont need it

Year 2230-2250

Alright, if everything whent according too plan, you should have between 15-30 criminal branches, and more energy too know what too do with. so the next things arent so much means of survival, but fun stuff you can do with all the credits you stole from people:

1.hire the 9k energy marauder fleet and turn it into a mercenairy enclave

2.send out marauder raids

3.mastery over nature your own planet reliquaries untill you get the galatron entertainer enclave services for influance curator services for useless research t2 resources from traders

8.feed other people resources a massive amount of armies on your capital planet

10.send espionage missions too everybody

11.vassilise other players with the 20k strenght marauder fleets you can hire

12.feed your mercenairy enclave

13.turn on discord too hear the lamenting of the poor in real time


well if you made it this far then congrats! you have succesfully cucked the entire lobby. sadly this wont last long after the fact. the endgame crissis will show up soon too wipe the marauder enclave. your criminal branches will get 0% crime done becouse of all the enforcers people got from their capital buildings and the massive fleets you where able too get from mercenairies will soon be dwarved by the few players left who have researched neutron launchers. espionage missions wont be able too break planets encoding eather.

but hey, that just means you can join the next lobby and do it all over again! :D

thank you for reading all of this. many of you wont agree with a word i said, but thats the great thing about criminal syndicates! they dont require your consent too screw you over <3


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