Useful Tips

Usefull Keybinds (You Can Find These In Settings Keybinds)



to rotate

Shift Scroll to Scale

Alt (mouse over) to duplicate object


Z to spawn vehicles from your faction to test against


Press and hold T to bring up command scroll wheel, useful to direct tanks (press T again to complete order.

Press Q while looking at a position to automatically have the driver drive to said position (Doesn't always work)

Useful Features (You Might Miss)


Under turret settings you can enable fixed turret, useful if you are creating Assault Guns and SPGs.


Under each crew member you can select their roles. Multiple roles can be selected.

This is especially useful for earlier scenarios as the size and weight limitations are quite restrictive.

Note that having multiple roles will reduce the crew member's efficiency.

Tips & Tricks


Under cannon settings there is the setting of minimal elevation, setting this high might help for mortar/artillery builds. This no longer seems to be able to be directly adjusted.

Especially those which cannot be elevated due to the limitations of the cannon currently in-game.


Originally posted by Ms. Puffball: Reduce belly armor to 5mm and roof armor to as low as you feel comfortable with as they are rather large panels and are rarely hit. Although this is good on saving weight, note that this depends on the scenario you are doing (if you are), as the dessert scenario often exposes belly and roof, depending on your tank.


When designing tanks for scenarios in sandbox, remember that sandbox is currently locked at midwar technology, which may make the design unusable in the scenario.

Author Notes

All features (Other than Quoted) here I found myself.

This is my first guide.

Content here are subject to change as the game is under development.

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