Foxhole | Colonial Tanks

Foxhole | Colonial Tanks

H5 Hatchet

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Here's a video I made on the recreation of the H-5 Hatchet. Most of the specs are covered in there, anything else can be found in game.

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HC-7 Ballista

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Here's a video for the HC 7 if you wan't to see the design and thought process on how I made this.

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Note: The VO.111 update broke the original gun design and gave me an opportunity to remodel it with the new features, here's what it looks like now.

86k-A Bardiche

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Video is in progress but here's the download link for all the tanks I have in the collection. you'll find the 86k-A Bardiche there and a unofficial upgraded version of the tank I made called the 86k-B Halberd that features a high velocity 68mm cannon.

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