Cyber Space 1-2 S Rank with video [ENG]

Cyber Space 1-2 S Rank with video [ENG]


General tips for going fast in cyber space zones. I use these techniques in the video below and will reference back in the timestamp walkthrough.

Avoid jumping, springs, and using the homing attack to destroy enemies wherever possible, as these actions will kill your speed. Where feasible, running off ledges is quicker than jumping or using a spring, and all enemies on this stage can be avoided.

When running on the ground or using grindrails, tap boost constantly to abuse the initial speed burst it grants.

Sonic can perform an air boost once per jump – his feet need to land on the ground/rail to reset before it can be performed again. Generally this is easy to manage, but you might find you lose track when chaining homing attacks or double jumps, so be aware.

Unlike the ground boost, an airborne boost gives Sonic a slight vertical lift, which can be enough to skip between platforms without resorting to a jump.

Video Walkthrough

Timestamps below refer to the video time rather than the in-game clock (click through to YouTube for timestamp links)

00:01 – Hold forward and tap Boost throughout intro sequence

00:09 – Side step the spring to run straight off the edge of the platform. Time your step to be in the middle of the platform – too early and you’ll hit the post on the right, too late and you’ll still catch the spring.

00:12 – Boost constantly along this platform until you fall off and perform an air boost – if done correctly, you’ll clear the 2nd platform altogether.

00:14 – Hit both speed pads on the ramp, then square up ready for the loop. As above, tap boost along the platform – the air boost will land you towards the end of the 2nd platform with enough momentum to homing attack straight onto the handle.

00:20 – This was a mistake! The aim is to avoid the Egg Robos by boosting left and then grabbing the handle… it went a bit awry but I recovered it!

00:24 – Stomp to save landing time after the balloons. Mount one of the outer rails and flip to centre rail once the rings start – remember, aim to avoid springs at all cost.

00:28 – Boost along the centre rail. On the bend, Sonic will automatically flip to the right-hand rail – immediately side step back onto the centre rail and keep boosting.

00:34 – Air boost to quickly hit the loop. At the rails, jumping followed by immediately air boosting is preferable, or hit the spring as I do (not much in this one)

00:36 – Catching the air loops in this section is not necessary – just aim to step between rails as required and keep tapping boost. In the heat of the moment I accidentally hit jump instead of side step, and panic boosted to the loop to save it!

00:44 – Jump then immediate air boost as close to the end of the rail as possible – you want to avoid using the handle or a double jump

00:50 – Note how I let Sonic land on the Red Star Ring – this is to ensure the boost recharges as mentioned in the ‘Strategy’ section above. Now if you jump when you hit the ground and homing attack onto the springs, you can air boost as soon as you clear the ledge to instantly hit the exit (I was a bit slow in the vid).


Cyber Space 1-2 S Rank with video [ENG] image 21

Thanks for reading – I hope this guide is helpful, and gives you some faith to persevere given my run has several mistakes and still lands a 52 second time…! Let me know any comments/suggestions 😊


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