How to Mod Sonic Frontiers on Steam Deck

Modding The Manual Way

While it's possible to get HedgeModManager running on Deck, it's a headache to do so. Even worse trying to get the dev build working so it can actually detect Frontiers.

Here's my workaround modding guide:

1. Download the mod you want

2. Make a mods folder somewhere easy to access. I'd suggest the game's root folder.

3. Unpack your mods in that folder

4. Make a new folder and call it whatever you want. I called mine Vanilla. This is where you'll be backing up files.

5. Go to your desired mod's folder and look for a folder called raw. Follow its path till you find the mod files.

6. Go into the game's raw folder and follow the same path and look for the same files.

7. Copy the files from the game's raw folder into your Vanilla folder. I'd recommend replicating the folder path in the Vanilla folder (i.e. raw > character > file.pac).

8. Copy and paste/merge the mod's raw folder with the game's raw folder.

9. If you ever need to uninstall mods, copy and paste/merge the Vanilla raw folder you made back into the game's raw folder.

Happy modding


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