Basics guide!

Basic Movement

In this game, at base speed, sonic moves pretty slowly. Even whilst boosting he's kinda damn slow. So the first two thing I'd recommend is playing the game on high-speed mode, and turning up max speed and max boost speed in your options. hopefully that'll make that game-feel just a little bit better.

I'ts up to you whether you want to change the boosting turn speed up, but i feel that it was at a pretty comfortable level. If you don't want to change it but find yourself in a situation where you need to change direction fast, you can do one of 2 things:

1) let go of boost, turn in the direction you want to turn at a reasonable pace (for instance if you're playing on keyboard, instead of going from W -> D, maybe try W -> WD -> D as doing it instantly may cancel your momentum) and then re-boosting.

2) Jumping, then air-boosting in the preferred direction. I would also recommend re-boosting as you hit the floor, so you can re-adjust to your environment.

You might not be making the most out of your double jump when you can. Yeah, jumping ruins your momentum, but the versatility of the double jump is insane, especially when trying to scale cliff-sides, re-position yourself, halt your momentum if required, and the most vertical jump is done by ground-slamming, double jumping and air-boosting. And trying to scale some of the janky cliff-sides with the double-jump air-boost makes it really easy!

There's something a little annoying about the homing attack, which it's delay after the hit on an enemy. So whilst trying to move around at the speed of sound, i'd recommend only homing attacking things like springs or handlebars and the like, because there won't be a delay. Obviously you wont be able to get out of homing attacking enemies sometimes, but avoid it when you can by using the air boost to just schmoove past enemies.

Moderate Movement

Funnily enough there is no advanced movement in this game really, It's all pretty easy!

A lot of the movement in the world and cyber-space stages is just knowing when to re-hold boost.

For instance, the second you start grinding on a rail, re-boost.

After you land (whether it was from an air-boost or not), re-boost.

after you walk off a ledge from boosting, air-boost -> re-boost.

Usually they're all the re-boosts that you'll need. (Can't think of any but there's probably more!)

My favourite trick is the re-air-boost. As I'm sure you know, whilst in the air, you can only use one air boost until you hit the ground again. And no, there's no glitch to prevent that, but during cyber-space stages where speed is key it's especially useful here. In some of those annoying stages where there's tons of medium sized platforms spaced just far enough away that you can't just air-boost them all, this trick makes the fast happen. How to utilise speed in this platform-y hell is to re-air-boost. To re-air-boost, all you need to to is air-boost towards a platform heading towards your destination. Then, hold the ground slam button to ground slam on the platform and automatically send you back up into the air, where you can then air-boost from again! because you hit the ground! nifty! All you need is a good idea of your positioning with the platforms below, because sometimes you might miss and just fall into the void, which isn't very speedy at all.


There are various combat skills available to you in Frontiers, for dealing with the more action-oriented adventure zones. many of these are very useful! My personal favourites are the Loop Kick and the quick cycloop.

That being said, skills which require you to watch a cut-scene for a few seconds aren't that great. I like the loop kick because of it's extremely high damage, but it's not something that i'd use repeatedly, more so to finish up an enemy or attack a boss if i can't get phantom rush up in time.

The quick cycloop is GOATED, becuase so many enemies lock themselves behind cycloop barriers or can be stunned with a cycloop, making this a near essential for me in combat. Also it's fast!

The sonic boom or more accurately the cross slash is probably best for drawn out fights, becuase it can build up your combo-meter so quickly. combo is essential for a phantom rush to take the enemy down nigh instantaneously due to the 1.2x damage multiplier.

Parry. Parry is probably the most broken skill in the game, as it takes no effort to use, is extremely powerful, and does extremely high damage with no chance of counter-attack. Hopefully this is nerfed later, or modders make it so it's more like a smash bros. parry, and you have to release the buttons with the right timing or something.

I'f you don't want to have fun in combat, hold the parry button until you get the QTE. press it, you win.

Levelling Up

Levelling up in sonic frontiers seems daunting at first, needing to do so many tasks for so many seeds and Kocos, but there's a little cheat to surpass that. it takes some fun out of the game, but if you want those achievements then ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ does it save time.

Fishing in Sonic frontiers is broken. It's easy, relaxing, and you can get so many rewards out of it. you can even get some neat lore out of it! But in the earlier islands, it's a little tedious, as the later islands essentially are the same thing but faster (more coins paid to fish = bigger multiplier)

First of all, you are going to want to gather purple coins. gather them as you go whilst playing the game, but the second that meteor shower hits, you gotta go collectin'. You'll want to gather as many as you can until about 3/4 through the night (just to be safe) and find the Elder or Hermit Koco. Then start talking to them and don't quit out of the conversation. the night won't continue but the slot machine will, allowing you to get tonnes of purple coins for fishing. but to be honest, I didn't even use this trick to get Lv. MAX on all 4 stats, but it'd help!

When purchasing the stat upgrades from Big's shop, you're gonna wanna buy out all the seeds first, as they'll sell out when you purchase enough. the lost Kocos however, will not. I think i grabbed about 4k? and even that many was too much, think i still hat about 1k left over. I'm not sure of the exact number needed, but its probably around 3k.

After that, fishing is really good for memory tokens, as sometimes they can be a pain to collect one at a time but oh well.

I'll leave you to decide what you'd like to level first, as there are good reasons for and against each choice!

(personally I picked damage -> defense and then speed -> rings)

Good luck not falling asleep through levelling your speed and rings!


If you read this far, thanks! I really do enjoy this game, and see so much hope from the sonic franchise moving forward, and I await eagerly for SA3 which I swear is coming I promise it is please i want it so bad


This was my first guide, so obv it won't be perfect, but i hope it helped!


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