From Shadow!

From Shadow!

From Shadow!

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This achievement will likely not be possible on your first try, however with practice and many (many) failed attempts, you can line yourself up to get it perfectly.

I chose a simple map, like grassy clearing, due to its looping and being impossible to fall off.

Using a second input, I went into a 2P game and made Polar Knight into a loop, shoveling across the map over and over.

From here, you want to charge up Dark Knight's attack now, distancing yourself from Polar.

I release the button just as his snowball is barely touching me, causing me to be directly in line with the top of his head, firing the blast straight through him. Once you've perfected the timing, this achievement should be very simple to get.

Something that helps is watching the distance, Dark Knight will jump back and shoot almost immediately after, so be sure to keep eye on the snowball as that would hit you before his shovel.

Seeing as the description of the achievement is very vague, I hope this guide helped! Happy shoveling!


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