Staffs & Hats - Spoilers Inside

Wizard's Hats

Wizard's Hat - A cool pointy hat.

Helmet - More Armor & Less movement speed.

Propeller Beanie - Double jump but can't control jump height.

Uncommon Hat - Get only uncommon cards (Green one's).

Challenger's Hat - Double enemies & 20% chance of getting double items.

Fedora - Free rerolls but no rankings.

Wizard's Staffs

Wizard's Staff - Shoots projectiles in a straight line.

Emerald Staff - Shoots homing projectiles.

Trident - Shoots 3 projectiles in an angle.

Boomstaff - Shoots explosive projectiles.

Thunder Staff - Calls a thunderbolt from above (Same as the lightning bolt perk).

Frozen Tip - Projectiles pierce.

Rainbow Staff - Shoots random projectiles (randomized projectiles from 1 of the other staffs).


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