Creating a Workshop Addon

Getting Started With Using SteamWorkshopUploader

If you've already created the addon, added an image, title and description, you can continue to the next step.

Inside the game files there's a SteamWorkshopUploader folder, open that and run SteamWorkshopUploader.exe

In the bottom left, there's a textbox and a button with the text Create Item. Put what you want to name your addon inside that textbox and then click the button. Now your files should've been generated.

Additionally in SteamWorkshopUploader remember to add a title, description and preview image - you can leave the uploader open if you want.

Setting Up Your Addon Structure

Inside "SteamWorkshopUploader/WorkshopContent" you should see your addon folder, open it.

Place all the files you want to change, for convenience name them as they are in the game files and use the same folder structure.

Setting Up Redirects

SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer has a script API made using Skynet++

It allows for many things, it's additionally also used to set up addons. To get a general idea, here's the list of workshop functions:

RedirectFont(OriginalFile:String, WorkshopFont:String)

RedirectFile(OriginalFile:String, WorkshopFile:String)

RedirectText(OriginalText:String, WorkshopText:String)

StopRedirectText(OriginalText:String) // Removing RedirectText, use in OnDisconnect()




Now let's show an example:


For convenience, the folder structure was written as if this was in the game files.

Compiling The Script

Back in SteamWorkshopUploader, there's a ScriptsCompilerFolder. By default it should at least contain 3 files:




Create a new text file, for the sake of simplicity name it workshopscript. Using the function list and example above, add the file redirects for the things you want to replace or add. Once you're done with that rename the file of workshopscript.txt to

Now you only need to do this step once, open compilersettings.ini and add this line:

compile workshopscript.gsThen save the ini. Be sure to change this when making a different addon.

Now run compiler.exe, and after it's done you can close it. You should now have a workshopscript.gsc, move that to the root of your addon folder. You're pretty much done with the addon folder now.

You will still have to add the redirects and recompile that script everytime you add new content.

Go back to SteamWorkshopUploader.exe, click on your addon which should appear in the list. Somewhere on the screen you should see a Submit [addon name] button and next to it a textbox, that textbox is optional you don't need to add anything there. If you're done with setting up everything you can click the submit button.


All info ported from the old SCP:CB Multiplayer Wiki[] (archive link because the original was dead and none of this info is on the new site)


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