DSC Medal Guide

Team Setup:


-Recon with 4,8 speed / speed mechanism / sprint / Dropship

lvl 7 Bots:

-Hellfire (Arclite, Rocket)

-Medic (GAR, Rocket)

-Terminator (LMG, Rocket)


- 1 Engi with Repair / Rebuild /

- 3 Marksmen / Stalker / Silent Hunter / Vitalspot Targetin / Sniper ammo

Lobby Settings:

-Infestation: 6

-Secondary Missions: Many

-Airsupport: Heavy

-Hord Arival: Immetiate

-Artilery Support: None

-Map: Noachis Colony


-Difficulty: Nightmare

-Enemy Wave Generation: Fixed

(reroll the Wave until you see "Hunter" on wave 10)


Host + Bots + 1 MM

(MM needs to be at Firebase in time to trigger missions)


optional but not recomended! no changes in the Steps!

Spawn 1 HARV, MM use it to make Secondary Missions quicker. but keep in mind, spawning a vehicle make the run overall just harder and lower the win rate!

(Granate Laucher / Nano Repair Bots / Light Armour / Dropship)



1# "Clear Alpha Sector":

-Host parking the hellfire Bot on the Fluffyhunt Terminal and send the terminator Bot to Aktivate the Power for it. Medic bot stay with host.

(Fluffy Hunt terminal is close to the West Center Teleportation pad under the Tent.)

(Power Pylon is South/West between the 2 Teleportation pads on the outside wall.)

-Host run to "Clear Alpha Sector" and trigger it

-2 MM run in range to "Clear Alpha Sector" and kill all the Eggs / Biomass from it

-1 engi run to Firebase and prep. the base, Aktivate Power and the 2 SAM sides and Hide the entire game behind his door. engi job is to trigger main at base direktly and run Helipad if needed and Evac.

-1 MM killing Biomass

2# "Assist Beta Squad":

-Host Dropship to "Assist Beta Squad"

-3 Marksmen go to Firebase.

-Host trigger "Assist Beta Squad". 2 Slasher & 1 Fluffy Spawns. host intercept the enemys then run back to firebase, kill them or kite them to the Firebase. if MM is in reach MM fokus on them.

-Host Start FluffyHunt with Hellfire Bot as soon wave 2 timer reach the * on the Difficulty.

-Full Team kill all slashers & Fluffys from Fluffyhunt at firebase. if "Assist Beta Squad" Enemys are still alive Fokus on them first as soon they arrive.

3# "Fallback & Defand the Firebase"

-Engi trigger "Fallback & Defand the Firebase" in front of his door in the firebase.

-Full team fight Fluffyhunt at the same time the team has to Defand the "Firebase" for 2 min.

(place the Hellfire bot outside the center Blastdoor in the firebase and the other 2 bots in the room with the Recharge station for the fluffy hunt, Host loot the UBAS Terminal in the Recharge Station room and deploy it to help with the fluffy Hunt,Abandon the UBAS after!)

-as soon "Fallback & Defand the Firebase" timer is done DEPCON ALPHA is Finished! host running out to the Capture trap drop around the firebase and run with trap to the Speciment from Fluffyhunt to Capture it.

(MM give long range fire support for the Capture)

-wave end trigger mission: BUG HUNT



1# "Defeat the market Threats"

-HASTAC Targeting spawns on the Helipad.

-1 Sargon & 2 Sandworm Spawn. they moving to the team. kill them as soon they arrive first!

(if all Players are in the "Firebase" at the time the enemys Spawn, they comming from South/West most of the time and the host can fight them on the South outside wall gate of the firebase)

-all MM kill all the remaining Slasher & Fluffy from fluffyhunt. then MM go and do the Secondary Missions.

(MM are now on its Owen! 1 MM guard the Firebase/Engi player if possible!)

2# "Lower The Biomass Center Count"

-after the Speciment Capture. host is Running to "Lower The Biomass Center Count" and kill the 5 spawned biomass. if mission biomass spawned in range of MM they can clear it quick.

-MM working on Secondary Missions & biomass clear.

-Engi waiting Alive in the firebase.

3# "Rescue & Escort The Recon Team"

-Host Running/Dropship to "Rescue & Escort The Recon Team" and trigger it. then run back to the firebase. nex Obj. spawns at firebase.

-Engi Trigger "Rescue & Escort The Recon Team" at the helipad in the Firebase. to Finish BUG HUNT.

-2 MM still working on Secondary Missions & 1 MM guard the Firebase

-wave end trigger mission: HELL ON MARS



1# "Grab & Plant The Beacon"

-Strong Signal Becon (SSB) spawns at the Helipad in the Firebase. the Guarding MM in the Firebase Grab the item and move towards the Host.

-Host take the SSB from the "Guard" MM and RUN to the Marked Bio Whale and plant 1 SSD near the Bio Whale. the MM follow the host! run or dropship depends on the Bio Whale Location and on what Wave you are at this point. best case you save the dropship for after the Whale kill.

-2 MM still doing Secondary Missions. if idle: kill Biomass like allways.

-Engi keep himself alive at the Firebase.

2# "Defend The Beacon & Destroy The Whale"

-Host wait for the SSB to charge to 100% and aktivate it directly. its take 1 min to charge adn about 20-30 seconds to Detonate. SSB charge on its owen! make sure nothing destroy it!

-After SSB Activation Host run towards the next closest Bio Whale. as soon they out of the nuke radius deploy the Dropship and wait for the next markers.

(if Dropship is on CD speedrun to the next closest Whale)

3# "Destroy The marked Whales"

(if 3 Secondary missions are not done by the MM at this point Delay the Detonation to buy more time to finish of Secondary Missions. keep in minde if the first secondary mission to the time you did fluffy hunt "failed" the 4. secondary mission spawn on wave 10 then you have to delay the SSB detonations until the 4. secondary mission spawns)

-Host Speedrun/Dropship to the next Marked Biomass Whale and Place the SSB.

-Host delay the SSB Aktivation if needed. then run to the next Bio Whale and place the 3. SSB.

-Host Aktivate the 3. SSB and if to far away from firebase use it to suicide. let the bots run away they dont need to die!

4# "Reach The Firebase & Evac"

-Engi Trigger the Evac in the Firebase and EVAC. at this point all requiaments are done! if all did his part.

-if the engi is out via EVAC ALL remaining players SUICIDE! befor wave 13 hits! to end the Game.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2836583143					

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