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Large, brightly-colored flowers Scarlet Rose, Gold Gerbera, Care-nation Small, calm-colored flowers Justice Jasmine, Fluorescent Freesia, Enamored Orchid Reddish flowers Scarlet Rose, Care-nation, Gecko Orchid Large flowers with little odor Gold Gerbera, Venerable Chrysanthemum, Fluorescent Freesia Feelings of gratitude towards benefactor The Sweetest of Peas, Rainbow Sage, Gecko Orchid I want to express my love Scarlet Rose, Stinking Olive, Care-nation, Justice Jasmine, Enamored Orchid Colored flowers that match the 60th birthday celebration Scarlet Rose, Care-nation, Venerable Chrysanthemum, Enamored Orchid Strongly scented and brightly colored flowers Scarlet Rose, The Sweetest of Peas, Stinking Olive Birthday celebration for a friend’s child Gold Gerbera, Rainbow Sage, Delightful Lily Small Flowers with Soft Colors Justice Jasmine, Enamored Orchid, and Fluorescent Freesia

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