Beginner training sites


When you first start out it can be hard to build up your skills. There are places where you can do little tasks every few hours to gain some training.

Level 2 - Every 2 Hours.

Academic - Kort Academy

Athletics - Kort Multiforge

Exploration - Kort Centre

Perception - Bento Cemetary

Persuasion - Queen's Fiance Tavern

Strategy - Kort Centre at night

Subterfuge - Kort Market at night

Level 5 - Every 5 Hours

Academic - Scratched Rock

Athletics - Diadem Quarry

Exploration - Camp Tormul

Perception - Raven Mansion at night

Persuasion - Traveller Relay

Strategy - Kortomis Statue at night

Subterfuge - Diadem Manor at night

Level 10 And Beyond

There are places for level 10, 15 and higher, but you will have to travel out of the first town and past some dangerous territory to find them. Wherever you go, always remember to check what's there both during the day and at night. It pays to be adventurous, so go out and explore.

Likewise, if your reputation in an area changes, have another look around the buildings. New quests, goods, recipes, recruitable companions and more may have appeared.


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