Mods Recommendation for MEL

Mod Manager

ME3Tweaks Mod Manager[]

You need this to install mod.

How to install a mod

Make a game backup before you install any mods (in the Backup menu item)

Drag and drop your mod download onto the interface (or use Download with Manager feature on NexusMods)

Click Import to import the mod into the library (this allows update detection for opted-in mods and other features)

Select the mod and click ApplyYou don't need to run the game through Mod Manager.


LE1 Community Patch[]

A simple, unopinionated, community bugfix mod for Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition.

LE1 is short for Mass Effect Legendary 1.

Quality Of Life

Quick Loot (LE1)[]

Prevents the Recovered Items menu from appearing when looting.

Skip Minigames (LE1)[]

Skips or lets easily skip the minigames.

No Skill Check Required for Loot (LE1)[]

Automatically pass the Decryption and Electronic skill check for opening loot for all characters. Enabling you to take any squadmates with you without worrying about opening loot boxes.

Faster Airlock (LE1)[]

Speeds up the processes of entering and exiting the Normandy.

Elements of Comparative Weaponry (LE1)[]

Evaluates and displays more accurate/relevant/informative weapon statistics, for easier comparisons.

Security Scan Skip[]

Removes the annoying securiy scan animation on Deck 2 of the Normandy.

Normandy Rapid Transit (LE1)[]

Adds the Normandy as a Citadel Rapid Transit destination.

Remove Screen Shake (LE1)[]

Removes the screen shake effect when sprinting and when using the Mako's boost and jump jets in Mass Effect 1 Legendary Edition


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