Tips To Help You Get Better At Mad Max

Tips From Me

When you want to go somewhere, try driving there yourself, especially if the route you will take has many scarecrows and snipers! It may sound a bit dangerous, but it's a great way to get rid of them and lower threat in an area. If you're heading towards a story mission, try dismantling camps that you drive by! The story isn't as long as you think!

When you get caught in a storm, don't head straight for a camp! Instead, head towards the nearest wall-like structure or rock formation and hide under cover! Storms will bring Muthaloot crates with them, represented on the mini map by the scavenging location icon but with a circular toothed border instead of the normal diamond-shaped one. Each of these crates holds 300 scrap (450 with max Volition), and you can usually find at least 2 or 3 of them if you try this strategy. The crates will blow in the wind and get caught on whatever wall or structure you're near.

Feel like Chumbucket seems a bit slow when it comes to repairing the Magnum Opus? Drive to Deep Friah's Stronghold! When you get there you will recieve a mission to get a better wrench located in Gastown. With this wrench repairing is 30% faster, and with the next one (unlocked automatically after buying previous wrench, costs 600 scrap), that increases to 70%! If you don't know how fast 70% faster is, let's just say that it's fast enough to fully repair your car in 5 to 6 seconds!

Always have a spare gas can in the back of the Magnum Opus! It may not seem so important, but if you run out of fuel, or come across a balloon with an empty gas tank and no fuel cans nearby, you'll be wishing you had one. If you run out of fuel, it costs 500 scrap to refuel!

Tips From Comments

theseustoo - Car getting smashed up a lot by road-kill hordes? Head for high rocky ground and get out of the car... if your attackers have trouble getting at you in their cars, they'll get out of them and come after you... but Max is ALWAYS tougher than they are and you stand a better chance in a hand to hand fight. Another tactic you can use against multiple car attacks is to use the harpoon or shotgun to shoot their tires off... or even shoot their fuel tanks if you get close enough.

Chopper - Another great tip for first time players: use the harpoon as much as you can to disable cars when taking down convoys, and save your shotgun for the main truck. In Pink Eye's territory, the thunderpoon once upgraded to level 3 or 4 will come in very handy for convoys as most if not all the vehicles will be heavily armored.


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