100% Achievements Guide

100% Achievements Guide

Story Related Achievements, Gamemodes And Endings

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Unmissable Achievements

Theres only a few unmissable achievements which are tied to regular game progression:

Goblin Tales

Hear all of the Goblin Merchant's tales.

Shortly after defeating Yuri when you activate the Bridge for Boris.

The Fallen

Defeat Sadora the Ascetic.

Simply defeat her shortly after Jun's Bossfight (can be "missed" by never opening a chest)


Theres 3 different Endings to the regular story, one which can only be obtained on Veteran or Hardcore difficulty. These Endings are:

The End

Arrive at the end.

Beat the game by failing the "An Ascetic Lifestyle" Quest and not having the Holy Sword.


Discover another ending.

Beat the game by completing the "An Ascetic Lifestyle" Quest (dont open any chests before meeting Sadora in the upper castle) and defeat Beatrice with the Holy Sword at the end.

Arrive Home

Arrive at the one true ending.

The same as "Reincarnation" but it needs to be done on Veteran. On Hardcore you get it guaranteed since you get the Holy Sword regardless of opened chests.


After beating the game once you'll unlock 3 new gamemodes.

In each gamemode you get a unique Artifact thats changing certain aspects of the Heroine and the enemies. I'll list the artifacts under the achievements. Some pieces of Equipment change their stats inbetween gamemodes as well.

Beat all of them to get those achievements.


Complete Boss Mode.

In Boss mode you have to switch between Kana, Yuri and Jun who all have different movesets, weapons and abilities at their disposal.


Fire, Ice, Poison and Bleed damage stack

Enemy's critical damage +50%


Complete Witch Mode.

In Witch mode you're limited to only spells and you cant use any weapons.

Witch Hat

Maximum HP -40%

Regenerates +1 MP

Regenerates +1 MP while oily

Fire, Ice, Poison and Bleed damage stack


Complete Assassin Mode.

In Assassin mode youre limited to only Daggers, Bows, Shields and Wands and you cant use any spells.

Assassin's Greed

Maximum HP -40%

Critical damage +50%

+1 HP when you land a critical

Fire, Ice, Poison and Bleed damage stack


Complete Hardcore Mode.

In Hardcore Mode your savefile gets deleted after you die, however, theres 3 Floppy Disk items which work as a 1-Up. The first one is at the Base camp, the second one you get from Sadora after defeating Lami and the last one is in Sadoras Sacred Alcove in the Upper Castle. Manual Saving is disabled, Autosaves only, and no Alt+F4 cheesing either, once you die one Foppy Disk is gone. You can however manually load the last Autosave without penalty. I highly recommend to do a playthrough on Veteran difficulty first and to make seperate saves before each Boss so you can train and come up with strats before tackling them in Hardcore.

Deathly Hallow

Enemy's attack power +100%

Enemy's critical damage +50%

Save file will be deleted when you die

Fire, Ice, Poison and Bleed damage stack

Collector Achievements

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Quite a few Achievements require you to collect everything of a certain type. i highly recommend this guide by Alisterchadwick who made a detailed Map showing every item and where it can be found. Ill provide some spreadsheets in this guide as well for convenience sake.

Artifact Collector

Collect every artifact.

Name Location Info Striped Panties After defeating Lami Item Slot(s) +1 Striped Bra After defeating Rosie Maximum HP +10 Hair Band After completing the "Sora & Minji's Request" Sidequest Price -20% Yuri's Skull After defeating Yuri Maximum MP +10 Goblin Head Ornament After helping Boris the Goblin Merchant with the Bridge Sell Price +20% Garter Belt After defeating Jun Item Slot(s) +1 Pepper Grinder Inside Sadoras Secret Alcove in the Upper Castle (she needs to be defeated first) Item effect +50%

Art Collector

Collect every art piece.

There are 3 golden tickets hidden in toilet rooms, i marked them with a red square.

I recommend checking out Alisterchadwicks map and guide for the following 7.

Treasure Hunter

Open every treasure chest.


Visit every area.


Complete every quest.


Collect every record.

Spell Master

Collect every Spell.

Weapon Master

Collect every weapon.


Collect every piece of equipment.

Tables For The Collector Achievements

Since the tables are too much for the previous Tab ill put them here.

Spell Master Name (1/2) Type Name (2/2) Type Chain Lightning Lightning Lightning Rune Lightning Corpse Absorption Magic Magic Missile Magic Fire Bolt Fire Poison Bolt Poison Fire Rune Fire Poison Rune Poison Fireball Fire Recast Velocity Magic Freeze Ice Shock Wave Magic HP Absorption Orb Poison Spark Lightning Ice Bolt Ice Summon Fire Orb Fire Ice Rune Ice Summon Ice Orb Ice Ice Shot Ice Summon Lightning Orb Lightning Ignition Fire Summon Sword Magic Invisibility Magic Summon Thunderstorm Lightning

Weapon Master Name (1/2) Type Name 2/2) Type Arrow Ammunition Mace One-Handed Best Friend One-Handed Magic Bow Bow Blood Axe Two-Handed Magic Shield Shield Bow Bow Missile Ammunition Broom Two-Handed Missile Launcher Missile Launcher Club One-Handed Multi-shot Bow Bow Cursed Scythe Two-Handed Pickaxe One-Handed Dagger Dagger Plunger One-Handed Dane Axe Two-Handed Multi-shot Bow Bow Dynamite Throwing Pickaxe One-Handed Eart Wand Magic Wand Plunger One-Handed Fire Bow Bow Poison Wand Magic Wand Fire Wand Magic Wand Ray Wand Magic Wand Flame Sword Two-Handed Rusty Dagger Dagger Gladius One-Handed Rusty Sword One-Handed Goblin Dagger Dagger Shield Shield Hatchet One-Handed Shield of Life Shield Holy Sword One-Handed Shuriken Throwing Homi One-Handed Sledgehammer Two-handed Ice Axe One-Handed Stiletto Dagger Ice Wand Magic Wand Throwing Ham Throwing Katana Two-Handed Throwing Hammer Throwing Kitchen Knife Dagger Throwing Poison Bottle Throwing Leyden Jar Throwing Thunder Hammer Two-Handed Lightning Wand Magical Wand Yuri's Wand One-Handed Long Sword One-Handed Zweihander Two-Handed

Hoarder Name (1/2) Name (2/2) Amulet of Life Leather Armor Amulet of Magic Leather Gloves Amulet of Poison Mage's Orb Assassin's Gloves Magical Gloves Belt Maid Uniform Berserker Armor Plate Armor Circlet Propane Gas Bottle First Aid Purifier Gauntlets Quiver Gemmed Magic Wand Ranger's Hood Gladiator's Armor Rune Stone Gladiator's Helmet Saint's Skull Goblin Shaman's Mask Slingshot Hockey Mask Swimsuit Hog's Fang Thief's Shoes Hot Pack Vampire's Cape Ice Cream Scoop Winged Shoes Kitchen Gloves Yellow Boots

Librarian Journal #1 - #10

Jun's Journal #1 - #4

Kana's Journal #1 - #2

Lami's Journal #1 - #3

List of Ingredients

Rosie's Journal #1 - #3

Smartphone Message #1 - #7

Yuri's Journal #1 - #3

Combat Achievements

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The biggest chunk of the list are the combat achievements which range from defeating certain enemies to using certain weapons or spells. Ill sort them by type.

Specific Enemy Kills

Boss Killer

Defeat every boss.

There are 5 main story bosses and 2 optional ones. The optional ones are at the snow planes and the treasury where you encounter Jenny.

To get to this Boss you need to open the Chest labeled as B6. It doesnt count as a regular chest so the "An Ascetic Lifestyle" Quest is not gonna fail.


Defeat 66 Demon or Undead enemies.

Undead enemies are zombies and skeletons, they can be found in the sewers and catacombs; demons are usually enemies with red or blue skin and can be found at the upper castle.

Bug Hunter

Defeat 60 bugs.

Bugs are small insects like spiders or worms in the sewers or the bow wielding insectoids and big bees in the garden.


Defeat 30 Plant monsters.

Theres only 2 kinds of plant monsters i know of which are the big poison breathing plant and the screaming girl who digs through the ground. Both can be found in the garden. Im not sure if the mushroom enemy in the sewer counts as a plant monster.

Orcs Must Die!

Defeat 5 Orcs.

Orcs are the giant green enemies which can be found mainly in the lower castle but also in the garden.

Ghost Buster

Defeat 10 Banshees.

Banshees are the screaming ghosts which can be found in the catacombs.

Specific Weapon Kills

Using certain Equipment combos make some of these achievements much easier.


Defeat 47 enemies with a Gladius.

The Gladius is the first weapon you'll encounter, get the Leather Gloves and the Gladiator's Armor to make the Gladius really good.

Holy Knight

Defeat 20 enemies with a Holy Sword.

You get the Holy Sword after completing the "An Ascetic Lifestyle" Quest (not opening any chests till after Jun's bossfight)


Inflict 50 critical hits with a Bow.

Fastest way is by getting the Multishot Bow by completing the "Astarte's Request" Quest and getting behind a big enemy like an Orc. Use the Rangers Hood for faster Bow attack speed.


Get your attacks blocked by enemies 50 times.

A quick way of getting this is by using the summon sword spell from the "Beatrice's Request" Quest and using it in front of a big plant enemy.


Defeat 50 enemies with a Sledgehammer.

The Sledgehammer is a very slow weapon so the timing can be a bit tricky. Use the Gauntlets and the Goblin Shamans Mask and defeat some goblins in the Lower Castle.

Shield Crusher

Land 50 attacks on enemies by penetrating their shields.

Look for weapons that have the *ignores defense* tag and use those on either skeletons with shields or the big plants. I found the throwing meat from Rosie the easiest.

Sling of David

Inflict 30 critical hits with Throwing weapons.

The throwing meat works the best for this one as well.

Trap Master

Defeat 20 enemies by using traps.

Traps can be any environmental contraptions like fireball canons, shocktraps or lightning lasers. Theres a good spot in the upper castle to farm these kills.

Sword Master

Deflect 20 enemy attacks with a Katana.

The katana is a Quest item and cant be gotten back once you hand it over to Kana. You can avoid her by jumping down the elevator shaft after getting it. Fastest way of getting it is to get in front of a Goblin Totem and hit its fireballs. Use the Gauntlets for faster attack speed.

Specific Spell Kills


Defeat 50 enemies with ice spells.

I recommend doing this one at the same time as the Rune Master achievement since frost runes are pretty good for both. Get the Ice Cream Scoop, the Mages Orb and the Rune Stone to get the most out of your Ice Runes.


Defeat 44 enemies with Corpse Absorption spells.

The corpse absorption spell can be found in the same room as the optional chest boss. Using the spell on zombies and skeletons damages them so you can use it in the catacombs a lot. Get the Saints Skull and the Mages Orb to get the job done.


Defeat 50 enemies with Fire spells.

Theres quite a few good fire spells, the best one in my opinion is the "summon fire orb" spell in combination with the magic amulet item.

Rune Master

Defeat 30 enemies with Runic spells.

Use the Magic Orb and the Rune Stone to make any Runes pretty good.

Miscellaneous Achievements

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The remaining achievements wich require different tasks.

Meat Lover

Consume 100 Meat items.

You can save scum this one by getting a few meat items (roasted chicken, ham, barbecue), saving and reloading after eating all the items you have. Repeat this until you get it.

Money Swag

Earn 999 gold.

You can also safe scum this. Safe before a vendor and sell all the items you have till you get past 999 gold. Reload so you dont lose your items.


Destroy 5 icons.

Icons are the statues of the boyband in the catacombs. Ive marked the locations on the map ranging from O1 to O5

Icon 1

Icon 2

Icon 3

Icon 4

Icon 5

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2664179157					

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