Builds for new players - Elemental

Builds for new players - Elemental

Wave 1

Builds for new players - Elemental image 1

General info: Whenever you have extra gold, push workers. You will soon learn what you can get away with. You will also learn to suspect when big sends are coming so you can build a little extra to survive or when to build less for better economy. Also, don't forget to spend your own mythium to increase your income!

Placement is important, so I provide screenshots

Start with a Fire Elemental.

Build an Aqua where shown, then click on it and choose the Fire Elemental upgrade.

You will only need 20 gold by next wave, so you can buy 2 workers

(Your gold + income at the end of the wave needs to be at least 20. You can spend mythium to increase your income)

Spend your 20 mythium upgrading your king before the wave starts for extra income. If you miss upgrading the king, you can still send mercenaries to increase your income.

Wave 2

Builds for new players - Elemental image 10

Build a Proton across from your Fire Elemental, and one square up

Why space them out like that? You want to take pressure off the Elemental so it doesn't get overwhelmed, and later the Protons will be good for extra firepower and fodder.

For next wave, you will need 70 gold, so I do not suggest buying more workers yet.

I will not tell you when to build more workers just because it is very game-dependent. By the start of the boss wave you can regularly have at least 9 with this build, depending on the game. As you learn the build and pay attention to what's going on in your game, you will learn when you can afford to build workers and when you can't.

Wave 3

Builds for new players - Elemental image 16

Upgrade to an Atom.

Click on your Proton and buy the upgrade

This should stop the wave, even with any combination of 60 mythium sends

You will need 140 gold by next round

Wave 4

Builds for new players - Elemental image 22

Get a Mudman to tank for your Fire Elemental

Waves will be split between your front two units while the bouncing attack from the Fire Elemental burns enemies to the ground!

This will still defend your lane even if you get sends up to 80 mythium.

Wave 5 (mini-boss)

Builds for new players - Elemental image 27

Build a Windhawk where shown so it gets into the mix at the right time

This is a popular wave for sends in public games. My recommendation should keep you safe from leaks, unless they send over 80 mythium.

Wave 6

Builds for new players - Elemental image 31

Let's get another WindHawk! You will also need an Aqua

We built just enough defence to keep you safe from sends up to 100 mythium. For the rest of this guide, you should be safe from up to 100 mythium of sends per wave.

Don't forget:

-hire workers when you can afford them. If you don't expect sends, you can build less than what is suggested here and still be OK

-spend your mythium for more income, it adds up!

-if you fear a large send coming, buy more defence than suggested to prevent leaking

Wave 7

Builds for new players - Elemental image 39

Select your Aqua and upgrade it to a Rogue Wave(cost 115).

The Rogue Wave is weaker than the Fire Elemental, but it also is cheaper. The Rogue Wave's attack bounces just like the Aqua and Fire Elemental attacks do, but this one makes enemies it hits weaker to ability attacks from your other units. Your Fire Elemental will be even more effective now!

Wave 8

Builds for new players - Elemental image 43

Buy another Mudman, for the right side of the split

Mudman has an ability called "harden" that will boost its defence for one wave, but then it will be much weaker the next wave. Use with caution!

Wave 9

Builds for new players - Elemental image 47

Get one more WindHawk here. The damage is good vs this wave and the next one (the Boss)

Now SAVE MONEY because you don't have enough to survive round 10 yet. No extra workers unless you are rich.

Wave 10 (Boss)

Builds for new players - Elemental image 51
Builds for new players - Elemental image 52
Builds for new players - Elemental image 53

You can survive the Boss if you get no sends by simply adding a Disciple, another WindHawk, and 4 protons, as shown below

This should also survive wave 11 without sends.

However, you are much better off spending a few more gold and getting 2 Disciples instead for Wave 10

Likely, you will get sends on 10. So check out the picture below and build anything there you can afford. Extra Disciples and WindHawks are great for this wave. And spread around Protons to distract the Boss

I hope you liked this guide and that it will help you get started learning the game with Elemental. Practice with it and make changes as you get better. Have fun!


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