Karen's Quest Guide

Karen's Quests

Karen's ErrandsQuest Description: Karen wants Bananas.

Talk to Karen and she'll ask you to bring her Bananas. You can get Bananas in the Tower Path and you need to have the Machete with you to harvest it.

Once you have a Banana, head over to the Resort's Storage during the Morning only.

Wine Her UpQuest Description: Convince Karen to give you the Transformer.

Talk to Karen about the transformer, and you'll need to open some wine AND raise your relationship with her to 20 Points (Acquaintance).

Once you have reached 20 Points (Acquaintance), go to sleep first and trigger Karen's Chatty Up Conversation.

You'll need to clean Room #2 with Maria in order to obtain the Corkscrew. Once you have this, you can open the wine bottles in the Storage room.

Once you have opened the bottles and also raised your relationship with Karen, you can now invite Karen to drink with you. After which, you can purchase the Transformer for 1 SEX Chip the following day.

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