How to SpeedRun Inside The Backrooms

How to SpeedRun Inside The Backrooms


Runs start as soon as the player gains vision after climbing the ladder(Obtaining the moth Jelly in ladder room is allowed)

Runs end as soon as the player enters the white room at the end of the game

Players are allowed to use digital copies of the code sheet in OfficeRooms

Runs must be recorded from before the opening cutscreen until after the player ends the timer

All players in a run must use livesplit to time the run

Other players in multiplayer runs must have their usernames in the description of the run

Step #1 : Before The Ladder

Somewhere in a corner of the backrooms, before going up the ladder, you can find a jelly. You can collect it because it will greatly benefit you.

Knowing that the timer to unlock the achievement starts as soon as the game is started, do not waste too much time looking for it.

Step #2 : Elevator Code

For the elevator code, it's actually quite simple.

On one side you will find "1-2-3-4" giving you the order in which to type the numbers you will see opposite

Here is an example :

Step #3 : Mirror (corpses)

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In this part of the backrooms, you will have to face several puzzles, thanks to which you will end up with several body parts, which you will have to put in a room with lots of bodies.

You will have to find a VHS tape telling you which part of the body belongs to whom.

You can find under this video (example) a plan of the backrooms

Step #4 : Radiation & Parking

I put these two parts together because i do both as fast as i can, no time for sleeping between them.

For the radiation, you'll have to find a radioactive suite, when you broke the mirror, and some radioactive stuff (extinguisher and Geiger counter)

just spray things you find on the floor if they are radioactive.

Btw, you can find a jelly in radioactive and in red door part, at this point you should have at least 3 jelly (if you haven't consumed them)

Always radioactive items


Clothes with an orange top

Papers but only 1 of them


Teddy bear



Gas mask

Rocking Horse

For the parking, just take a jelly, if you play multiplayer, let one of your friends take a jelly and get the monster's attention while you put the valves back on to stop the gas leaks.

If you're alone, try to get as fast as possible before the ghoul starts moving, then, try to be at the opposite position in the parking, and do not make any noise.

Step #5 : Electricity, Computers And Party

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When you passed the ghoul part, you'll have to take the elevator. The code is inside the elevator.

When you spawn in the next stage, first thing you need to do is go and put the fuses in the electrical panel to light the pcs.

you will see symbols and colors on PCs. You will need it to unlock the rest of the adventure. You will have to type a code on the pc with the letters that correspond

There's the alphabet :

After you finished that, go to the party room (please, take the monster radar if you didnt get it)

And you'll have deal with a maze, in which you will have to find gifts, in a short time, otherwise a monster will appear and seek you in the maze.

This part is the hardest of the backrooms.

After that, you will just have to blow out the candles and leave as quickly as possible.

Step #6 : Water

Before anything, have a look at the pc which tells you the symbol of the door you will need in the end.

Electrical water is dangerous. For some reasons, when you still have your radioactive suit, you do not take electrical damage.

It made sense to us, but on they say it's a glitch.

So you will have to remove the fuses before diving into the water.

For the large swimming pool, lots of mobs will be waiting for you in the water. Don't forget to take your monster detector radar and do it as quickly as you can, while avoiding the monsters.

Then, the last part is another maze where you'll have to find the door with the correct symbol you looked on the pc.

Nice Job.

Bravo, you have read the whole guide. I can't detail every action in the game, it would be a spoiler, but I gave you a general idea of what to do and how to do it.

You can watch the 2 videos below, if you want to know how to speedrun the game in a pro way.

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