How to beat Sewers level EZPZ

How to beat Sewers level EZPZ

Sewers Walkthrough

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Step 1: Get To The Parking Garage
How to beat Sewers level EZPZ image 3Step 2: B-line To Poopville
How to beat Sewers level EZPZ image 5Step 3: Become The SewerManStep 4: Now You Are In The: Sewer
How to beat Sewers level EZPZ image 8Step 5: EZ PuzzlesStep 6: Run
How to beat Sewers level EZPZ image 11Step 7: Dead Game

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Hey there everyone! Noticed the community was running into some frustrations accessing and completing the new Sewers level. My buddy and I just successfully reached and finished the sewers, and thought I would offer up some tips and tricks on not becoming rat food.

Honestly super ez, don't even have to hax the pooter. Just have a gud time. Play some games. My favorites are: pop the balloons, blow out the candle, and find your gift. All S-tier games.

Once the party is winding down, and you got your birthday card from the nice people partying at the table, you don't even have to go swimming! Just go back and hit your friendly neighborhood button, and jump into the sunken place.

In the parking garage is the secret entrance to le clurb. Talk to the bouncer, show him your invite, and boom you're now in that x-files episode with the poopy sewer monster!

Okay, the hard part is over, you made it to the sewer. Honestly this level can seem labyrinthine, but just cheat and use a map/youtube videos and it's x-tra easy.

Here we go. Only a handful of things to do in the sewers, and it's pretty self explanatory. First you just need to go to the gate maze, win, deactivate spikes, get code from waste treatment room, get the gear, cable order, and metal detectors from waste room, ez storage room key and gear angle note on a body, pop to the storage room rull quick, ez oil cans and buckets tbh, shock yourself on the xbox on the wall, then it's bling time! Play the toddler sliding puzzle the degrindy the grinders, and hit the red button to open the sekret door to medallion land. One medallion is a literal ho and throws itself at you, and the other two play hard to get. Just use the vibrator and walk around in the water til you've foreplayed enough, and then they'll apparently moan when you get close. Once you have the three NFTs, you're basically home free. Go play tic tac toe with the symbols, and then it's time for a run to the pump. Avoid the arm spideys, and fill up your cans from the thug jug on the right side. Make sure to wear a condom as it's toxic in there bb. Once you have gas, go to the arm spider bowling alley and bowl three strikes with your gas cans. Then you can run to the end and put the coins in the jukebox. It will then say "Something has changed". No, not your sexual orientation, go back to the statue and there's a free, tasty gear prairie-doggin' out of it now. Take that gear to the scary dark mechanical room, dodge the human centipede, and then play with the gear nipples until they're hard, it'll open up the sex dungeon jail cells. Snag the entrails in the bucket like it's Scorn, pick up the sewer exit key, and glance at both notes for wire configurations.

You're literally out of the backrums already. Go to the exit room, feed the petting zoo, dodge the mummy rat, and wire up the flux capacitor. Then free solo the later up to the exit of aperture labs.

Stop whining about quality of life features in the game, it's literally $5


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