You know you're playing Inscryption too much when...

You Know You're Playing Inscryption Too Much When... can never look at a pair of pliers the same way again see a car with a Buick logo and think "Sacrifice car for three blood" see a car with a Mazda logo and think "Waterborne, just like a James Bond car" cheer when all the menorah lights are lit and think "Nine lives, I rock!!" watch a hockey game just because one of the teams has a "Flyer" logo

...and wonder why they don't just skate over the defenders never, ever, want to have an eye exam

...go into a restaurant and order "Fresh fish, easy choose" come up with pet names for your cards

...the comedy/tragedy mask logo at the theatre reminds you of Leshy have to look up what exactly a "Stoat" is ask for a film camera as a holiday present

...but forgot to ask for a roll of film make custom holiday cards for your friends with stats, portraits and sigils

...your friends ask you to play cards with them, and you are puzzled that the cards don't talk back to you. feel uneasy watching commercials for flame-broiled burgers showing lots of hungry people waiting for them to cook

...your mouth ached when you went past the "Scale of Justice" statue at City Hall ask your Astronomy teacher how many health points the Moon actually has


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