A Guide to Alt + F4 Cheese

A Guide to Alt + F4 Cheese


For those of you who have a tough time with card games, or just want cheap wins, this guide is for you!

The Autosave Symbol

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The main thing you have to look out for when save-scumming.

This guide will tell you when the game saves, but if you ever see this symbol (even for a second!) it's too late to try and reset.

How The Game Handles Quitting

Encounters are loaded at the beginning of each area (the Woodlands, the Wetlands, the Snow Line, and the Cabin) and maintain their values/results once loaded.

This doesn't mean that there isn't any cheating to be done, however, as this system can still be manipulated to one's advantage.

The VAST Majority Of Map Icons

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For every encounter, the game will save as the encounter completes. This is quite easy to use to your advantage, as ending most encounters is triggered by the player.

Land on a "?" card space? Reveal all your choices, reroll even, then quit out. The choices will all be the same, and you can pick the best out of the six cards.

A tribe card/blood cost space? You could spend the time closing/opening, checking out every option (make sure you go invisible on steam first, so your friends aren't spammed with "____ is playing inscryption" messages!), or you could just do it until you find a card you like c:

A battle not going your way? As long as you quit before your candle goes out (you have a little extra time on this one), the game won't save. Repeated battles are extremely similar when doing this, only slight variations can occur.

When testing, I only found card locations would change, never the card itself.

Almost every space works like this. Until you pick up the card, or your candle is extinguished, you can still quit and try again.

There are exceptions to this rule, however.

The Exception

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The "slime painter" space saves the game MUCH earlier than other spaces, far too soon to view its result and quit the game. There is no scumming this space, you'll have to take what you get.

How To Abuse The Rules

There are two situations which give you the greatest va lu e (in my opinion): Resetting on campfires and resetting after boss fights.

CampfireAs long as you don't click through the text after, you can alt+F4 even after your card dies. This is extremely useful. If your card dies, you know not to continue to upgrade it. You could use this to kill a card on purpose, like a ring worm.

Boss FightsAfter winning a boss fight, your game piece moves to the next location, generating a new map in the process.

If the player quits and reloads before another game save, the map can be completely regenerated. This can be done a seemingly infinite number of times*, so you may do so as much as you like until you get the map you want!

*I have personally only tested up to 12 because I got bored, but I don't see why more than that wouldn't work

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2877346627					

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