Idol Traits List

Idol Traits

In all, there are 39 traits to be found within Idol Master:

Amorous - More prone to romantic involvement

Annoying - When participating in group activities, the other girls participating consume 1.2x more stamina than usual

Anxiety - Gets a slight reduction in all stats when you have a big event in production

Arrogant - Becomes less likable after centering a single

Asexual - Doesn't get involved in relationships

Clumsy - Penalty to dance, bonus to comedy

Complacent - Decrease to performance stats after centering a single (penalty to vocal and dance)

Defeatist - Penalty to all stats if your latest single didn't top the chart

Forgiving - Doesn't hold a grudge

High Maintenance - Drains stamina 1.5x faster than normal, but spa treatment will restore 4x more stamina

Hypochondriac - Spends 2x stamina on handshake events

Indiscreet - Can't keep a secret (prone to leak information in interviews or social media)

Jack of All Trades - Idol learns 50% faster when training whichever stat is currently their lowest

Late Bloomer - Stats increase with age instead of declining

Lazy - Lowers max physical stamina by 30pt

Live Fast - Amplifies stat loss due to aging

Lone Wolf - Stat bonus when hosting a show alone

Loyal - Events that would damage relationships hurt less

Maternal - Gets along better with younger girls

Meme Queen - Increases success chance of all viral marketing campaigns and minor boost to all online content

Misandry - Interacts poorly with male fans (20% chance to get a negative opinion point for male fans after a handshake event)

Moonlighter - Treats the group as a side gig (Training is 10x faster, but costs 5x stamina)

Paranoid - More likely to report real scandals to player, but will also sometimes falsely report scandalous behavior to the player even when nothing is wrong

Perfectionist - Takes a hit to mental stamina when an event they participated in goes poorly

Photogenic - 2x bonus to photoshoot payments

Precocious - Gets along better with older girls

Prodigy - Training sessions are 30% faster

Resilient - Recovers faster when stamina falls below 65%

Secretive - Won't report scandals/problems to the player

Shameless - Unafraid of scandal

Snitch - Reports possible scandals even if relationship with player is not good enough

Spoiled - Consumes stamina twice as fact, recovers stamina half as fast

Steadfast - Penalties for low stamina are drastically reduced

Tenacious - When idol's physical stamina falls below 50pt, she has a 30% chance to consume no stamina when doing any activity

Thick Skin - Immune to bullying and online harrassment

Trendy - Bonus appeal with teen and young adult fans, less appeal with adult fans

Underdog - Bonus to all stats if your latest single didn't top the chart

Weak Vocal Chords - Spends 2x more stamina on performances

Worrier - Penalty to all stats when your group has scandal points

Trait IDs

For the sake of modding or save editing, all traits will have their IDs listed here:

None = 0,

Prodigy = 1

Hypochondriac = 2

Thick Skin = 3

Clumsy = 4

Jack of All Trades = 5

Annoying = 6

Tenacious = 7

Lazy = 8

Misandry = 9

Asexual = 10

Indiscreet = 11

Snitch = 12

Maternal = 13

Precocious = 14

Weak Vocal Chords = 15

Underdog = 16

Defeatist = 17

Worrier = 18

Arrogant = 19

Complacent = 20

Lone Wolf = 21

Anxiety = 22

Live Fast = 23

Late Bloomer = 24

Forgiving = 25

Paranoid = 26

Secretive = 27

Trendy = 28

Perfectionist = 29

High Maintenance = 30

Photogenic = 31

Meme Queen = 32

Amorous = 33

Loyal = 34

Steadfast = 35

Resilient = 36

Shameless = 37

Spoiled = 38

Moonlighter = 39


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