little tips

Early Game Help?

just a few tips that might help point new players towards uh. not going bankrupt within a month lol

savescumming / rerolling reduces the difficulty by half at least. reroll your auditions, reroll your gossip, reroll your tasks. it really helps SO much tbh. start with regional and just keep loading that save until you get at least a plat. if you're getting a loan or asking for wishes, reload that save too to get something you can do quickly and easily.

after you start your game and get your first idols, max fujimoto's loan. then immediately invest that in a dance room, a recording studio, two offices, and a breakroom, and then the corresponding staff. focus on production, but since you have two offices, feel free to get a deal focused manager instead of two productions.

spam promotions. don't bother with performances. once you start queueing activities, if necessary, after one spa treatment, it'll only take you two days to return to 10 stamina, so if stamina is an issue the pattern to max that is [] one spa for every two other activities.

focus on researching until you can release a single. recommended to research trends before you invest in any so you can see what will make you the most money quickest. with two managers researching, points shouldnt be too much of a problem. once you've unlocked the trends page and digital releases, aim for photoshoots and then dedicate one of your managers to autoproposals. it'll stop the bleeding and is far more efficient than promotions.

fujimoto's task is first priority. complete it ASAP, you will WILL run into debt early, that's unavoidable. just focus on promotions and releasing singles / befriending your idols. once you're on the very last few days of bankruptcy, use his loans to bail you out. he's basically a get out of jail free card, so long as you don't procrastinate on his tasks, he can give you a lot of extra breathing room money wise. every time your finances are green, it'll refresh your bankruptcy timer back to 30 days.

singles don't really make a lot of money at first, but the more you spam promotions the quicker that number rises. its much more worth it to go into the red for a bit and get the fanbase up qucker than it is to waste that time on performances.

spam offices. not too much, but make sure there's a decent amount of them. money is easy, but you'll be bleeding those research points, especially with the 30k cost for streaming.

early game, while nothing is going on, spam the ♥♥♥♥ out of dates. max your friendships and influence, it will help so much later on and will give you a lot of leeway with scandals, bullying, and graduations. its v worth staying on top of, since it's easier to regain influence / friendship that was lost than to build it all up from scratch when things are already going downhill.

you also get two safety nets provided by the game when you go bankrupt. the first is fujimoto wiping your debts and giving you 5mil, the second is essentially the same amount ( debt + 5mil ), but riskier since its provided by an investor who wants to shove his daughter into the group lol.

i'm just recording some of my strats / things i've noticed. maybe i'll come back to it if i have anything else i want to say, or if anyone wants to talk ?


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