Creating drawbridge

Creating drawbridge

Want To Create A Draw Bridge And Enjoy The Loot Of Your Enemies?

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Well its honestly pretty straight forward. We are going to be doing this using the collapsing structure physics. Like any good build we need a solid foundation. That is is where you need to dig out underground below the pillar(s) of your support a 3 radius. Placing a easily pillar here we will destroy, i used wood.

Location Is Important!

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It is best that your system is underground in a manner that is hardest for the enemies to access. As you will be having a pawn destroy it. As you can see i made sure to have at least one level of dirt between the surface and my digout.

Closing Off Your Bridge

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Whenever you see fit. Make sure to have a villager at the ready and destroy the supporting pillar and it will cause a collapse upwards blocking off any enemy invasion!

Extra Detail!

Tips and tricks.

If you keep the bridge closest to your walls with a small slit for archers you can pick off any survivors.

Create an external island to your gate. Cut those bridges first before your own and now you have an easy kill box!

Don't forget to repair your bridge. Make sure all enemies are dealt with as they will still fight.

ARCHERS ARCHERS ARCHERS! You can never have enough as they make this plan best for profit!

Hidden Benifit

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When catapults target your gate they also will take out the flimsy bridge. 100% protecting you like a dwarf who has just learned the meaning of a hammer in the cold forges of Haagarth!


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