Easy and quick way to get the Weapon and Magic Tactics achievements

Weapon Tactics

- this is also a great way to improve every character's weapon level

1. buy the weakest weapons of the type you want to level up (Salamand and Bafsk sell them)

2. find an enemy with lots of defense and HP. If there are more leave only one (Jade Passage has some good enemies for that, just avoid those that inflict nasty status effects)

3. dual wielding will increase the speed you level up your weapon style

4. make the enemy useless! You can curse it or have your black mage cast stop or stun at it for example

5. turn on auto-battle and wait until the enemy is defeated or you think you leveled your weapon style up

Magic Tactics

1. have cure

2. find a dungeon with damaging tiles (Jade Passage is a way to go)

3. move a step on the damage tile and use cure on every character

4. repeat

I hope this helped!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2606681113