Classes For Beginners


As a default select the Warrior gains a lot in terms of equipment which can get expensive at the shop, luckily the game will gladly give you swords and shields a plenty as well as some armor here and there. The Warrior excels in being the Tank of the group with high HP growth and with armor most encounters will see them taking low damage numbers, attack is another high growth stat allowing them to be one of the few to dish out over 100 damage from a basic attack early on.


Another default select the Thief is much like the Warrior in terms of equipment but serves a different purpose in battle. The Thief cannot actually steal anything but their high agility growth rate allows the party to escape from nasty encounters more often, so if those White Crocs are straight up murdering your party then best to try and flee as fast as you can. Other benefits can include higher crit rates and better evasion.


Monks in this are considered glass cannons from their ability to dish out high damage when unarmed at the cost of having a low HP growth rate (not sure if this is caused by equipment boosts or not) as my monk always seems to have a lower max HP than my Black Mage. Equipment wise the Monk has far and few weapons to use which is why you'll be finding yourself using your hands or the nunchaku you found a while back, this is until you get your class upgrade then any weapon you have equipped will be hindering their damage output as their hands will do the job just fine. If you want to do a meme run then try a party of Monks and see how far you can get off potions alone as you'll save from buying equipment and spells.

White Mage

Another default select the White Mage is mainly here to deal with healing, protection, and un-dead with their array of spells. WMs get the benefit of being able to use hammer weapons which helps drastically with damage output when attacking normally (and you will when you run out of spell charges) especially if you're just grinding for gil or levels on fodder. Tip: about mid game (around level 22-28) you'll have plenty of level 1 spell charges so if needed save a regular potion try casting a cure on your party first then manage your items.

Dia Spellsyes it harms un-dead enemies of which its hard to tell whats un-dead and whats not but just use common sense (zombie skeleton, wraith, spirit, etc.) on if an enemy looks alive or not.

Saving Spell Chargesmuch like what was said above about mid game try using Cure/Cura for your healing and Heal for party heal to save those higher charges for combat healing/protection, you wouldn't want to run out of those precious level 5+ charges mid battle with a tough enemy.

Black Mage

The Famous Blue robe Steeple hat spellcaster that's as iconic as the moogle. BMs specialize in offensive magic as well as status ailment magic, their weapons to equip are staves and knives cause peace just isn't an option with this little guy. Magic abilities are fairly decent with all ailment magic being multi target allowing them to hinder the enemy while your tanks lay into them and at times hitting all enemies with sleep or scourging the enemy team can be a make or break moment.

Spellsearly on you'll be using fire and thunder to dish out damage to enemies and level 2 magic involves blizzard and Fira the first elemental spell with a multi target scope, level 3 magic will give you thundara which is helpful at first during sea battles.

Multi-target spellsBecause the spell has to disperse between all enemies it'll almost look like its not doing any more damage than the single target variant. that's because the spell is most effective on single target enemies and even bosses.

Red Mage

You like White magic? Like Black Magic? this is your class then, Red Mages specialize in both fields of magic making them really effective. What makes the Red Mage different from both school classes and this is that the Red Mage will have plenty of spell charges, this is at the cost of being locked to mid level magic of both fields which is fine considering those spells are really useful on their own.

Class Upgrade

About late Mid-game you can do a side quest and the reward is an upgraded version of your characters current class. Upgraded classes usually just have better stats upon receiving it as well as better growth stats, the mages though gain access to high level magic as well as more spell charges on all levels of magic.

End Of Guide (foot Notes)

This is my first guide ever made so I hope the info is correct, in the event I'm wrong about anything just let me know with the correction and I'll add you to the contributor list.

My only experience with Final Fantasy was the Anniversary Edition on PSP so trying to get info down on spell charges and even equipment for mages is hazy for me. Example being if there's any staves that allow magic use like in Anniversary, yeah i was spoiled in terms of my first FF experience so getting to play this gives me a better feel for the game now.

Not much detail went into the class upgrades since the upgrade is just that an upgrade with nothing really new to it other than some equipment access and spell usage along with stat boosts, that is why the upgraded classes weren't mentioned in the list the only notable thing i can say about it is that your party gets turned into Stardust Crusaders for the amount of bulk the sprites get.