Logitech Heavy Equipment Side Panel

Logitech Heavy Equipment Side Panel

How To Setup

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The Logitech (previously Saitek) Heavy Equipment Side Paenl does not require any special drivers or button mapping; the game will recognize the panel and the buttons are already mapped. The panel outputs controller data, and is seen by the game as a controller.

In order for the panel to function correctly you must disable steam controller input so it does not override the built-in game controller input:

Right Click FS22 in Steam Library > settings > controller > disable

Also, disable Eye Tracking so that turning the view inside a vehicle works correctly

In-game menu > General Settings > Head/Eye Tracking: Off

This links to a PDF file from Saitek (the previous maker of the side panel) with the default button layout and a blank layout sheet for you to print and label yourself:


How To Setup Custom Button Mapping

Once you have the panel working correctly you may want to remap the buttons.

While you can remap most buttons using the in-game keybind settings menu, a few of them will not obey the remap, like the #1 button which always opens the menu.

In order to remap any button on the side panel here's a youtube tutorial explaining how to remap any controller by:

1) Block the game from seeing the side panel using 'Hidhide'

2) Create a virtual controller with 'Vjoy'

3) Map the side panel to the virtual controller with 'Joystick Gremlin'


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3031032071					

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