Harvester Pricing Information

Harvester Pricing Information


It's the same idea as the last one. However with this one I have added ranking points to make them easier to rank. For harvesters I not only found HP important but also decided to add Price per Liter as that determines how much your harvester can harvest before it's full.

Gold=1st Ranking.

Silver=2nd Highest Ranking.

Bronze/Orange=3rd Highest Ranking.

Red=Lowest Ranking

I have yet to add Forage Harvesters, I might in the near future.

Standard Harvesters

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The least expensive Harvester in this category goes to:

DEUTZ-FAHR Topline 4090 HTS with a price of: $15,23 Per Liter & $417,74 Per HP.

The most expensive Harvester in this category is:

CLAAS TRION 750-720 (by a mile honestly) with a price of: $34.04 Per Liter & $974.11 Per HP. Maybe they used an expensive horse breed??

If you got a small farm going then I'd say go with the DEUTZ-FAHR Topline 4090 HTS.

If you however got a bigger farm going on and don't want to have to stop every 5 minutes because your grain tank is full then perhaps choose the Case IH Axial-Flow 9250 or the New Holland CR 10.90 Revelation. Even though they have a total of 9 and 10 ranking points, it's not nearly as high as some of the others higher up in the category. And you still get a lot of Liter and HP for a fair price.

Upgradable Harvesters

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The cheapest and over-all best harvester in this category is: The CLAAS LEXION 8900 with a beautiful price of $27.57 Per Liter & $636.28 Per HP.

I'd say they needed this W after their big L that they called "CLAAS TRION 750-720".

The most expensive in this category is pretty difficult to say. It depends on what you want for your buck, are you looking for expensive HP? The MF IDEAL has got your back with a whopping price of: $1,039.00 PER HP!!!

Do you however enjoy expensive Liters? The MF IDEAL Paralevel and Fendt IDEAL Paralevel can hook you up for: $40.24 Per Liter, for both of them.

It is interesting to see that Fendt's IDEAL is second place, I suppose they decided to change things up a bit compared to the MF IDEAL.

Regardless, just buy the upgraded: CLAAS LEXION 8900 since it has more Liters and only 10 less HP that you won't ever need anyway. AND it's a lot cheaper!!!

Tractor Pricing And Information

Here is a link to my other guide that'll tell you all you need to know about every tractor in the game!!!


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