Fun Things to do with You friends In FS22

Fun Things to do with You friends In FS22

Car Races

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Racing your friends in sports cars or tractors in fs22 is quite fun for me because you can choose to either do a short race or use the whole map as a circuit to race around. Because there are no sports cars/race cars in the base game mods are needed, but i amagine most players have mods any way but if you are looking for fs22 mods check out this website ( it has many mods that can be downloaded and added to your game. i will not be making a guide on the installation proccess but i assume there are countless videos and guides that will show you.

Fork Lift Wars (my Favourite)

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So This is a personal favourite. the way that the game works is each of you and your friends have forklifts and you have to try and flip each other over and pin them down with the forks on the forklift while simutaneouly dodging your friend/friends from trying to flip and pin you to the ground. this game is simple and fun and only requires 2 forklifts.

Chase Each Other In Cars And Try To Ram Them And Menuver Them Off The Road.

So this is sure to be fun as you in your friend have to chase each other in cars whiles trying to ram each other off of the road and also dodging their attempts to do the same. pretty simple, pretty fun

Building And Landscaping

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Building and lanscaping with a friend is great fun as you have the entire map (mostly) to landscape and build your dream place on. make your own house, mansion, estates, farmland and garages (few mods may be needed. this is fun as you dont need to rely on the land thats you can just buy, as you can make you house and garages and shed onto them. let your creativity run freeeee!!!!!!.

Do Fast And Furius Type ♥♥♥♥!!!!

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Along with the many things you can do and make in fs22. stunts are some of my favourite there are many stunts such as jumps, drifts and going under truck trailer and all you need is money and maybe a few mods. jumps are pretty easy as lots of fs22 maps have quite a few hills and for bigger jumps use the landscaping tool to make a huge dirt mount to jump, just remeber a big mound of dirt may look ugly but all that matters is that it works.

Go Offroading!!!

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As an australian i can confirm that i love to offroad vehicle in real life on my farm, but like irl i like doing it in fs22!! and especially with friends, i love landcruisers in fs22 so i reccommed you check out the one on fs22 mods .com. while you look for landcruisers on the modhub i also recommend you look for a good steep, rocky map with lots of obstacles to overcome as the have a lot of them on there.

The End

This is the end of the guide that i have taking a bit of time to make, if you can relate or like the guide please like it and consider rewarding it. thank you and hope you enjoyed the guide 😎


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