Ideal Laboratory Setup

Ideal Laboratory Setup

Basic Suplies

Ideal Laboratory Setup image 1

4-Long handed inserters

4-fast inserters (you can use the slow ones)

2-wooden power poles (least amout of suplies)


12-conveyors (dosent matter what speed)

Raw Materials*

*Note: marked List only aplies to what I

made for the purpose of this guide.


222-Iron plates

84-Copper plates



Ideal Laboratory Setup image 15


If you are far enough into the game you can use blueprints to continuously build a longer line of labs.

A Very Expensive Expansion

Ideal Laboratory Setup image 19

When I said you could expand it, i meant what I said.

People Who Also Came Up With Relatively The Same Idea

Just the other day I found a video where this setup was used so, credit where credit is due.


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