How to Win

How to Win


Now there's a little known fact in the hybrid era of Formula One that the cars are not equal!

Yeah, mindboggling - anyway so theres meta cars like not Haas that you should drive, pretty much anything else is good, heres a table of bad cars


Here's a table of good cars

-Everything else except maybe Williams but even that is up to speculation


If you find yourself struggling during the campaign/driver/team career modes, there's a quick and easy step to ensure you begin winning again

Another little known fact is that the F1 games come with an AI difficulty slider!

Set it to 5, you will win.

That is the strategy, they will be slow, and you will go fast, turn off damage for maximum effect.

Tyre Management

If your tyres are red, and they aren't working, switch to white for ultimate hardness and they won't break :)

Also turn down the AI again and youll be so far ahead you wont need to change them until last lap :)

Avoiding Penalties

So, if you turn off rules, then you can cut corners, bring your Paul Ricard lap times down nearly 70% and make history as the fastest car around every track on the calendar.

Winning Championships

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Put something in this blokes coffee so that he likes you or something idk then you win

Final Footnotes.



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