How to drive like Max Verstappen

How to drive like Max Verstappen

Chapter 1

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Physically speaking, you would have to look like Max Verstappen to drive like Max.

That means Hair Style would be extremely crucial. DO NOT cut your hair short, leave it be until you get enough hair to go to the barber's and cut it like Max Verstappen's.

Clothing style is important as well. Purchase a full set of REDBULL racing outfit in and put it on before you sit in your cockpit and get behind the wheel. That should help, building your confidence up.

Chapter 2

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Finally you are locked and loaded, got behind the wheel and ready to launch from the pit stop. A flying lap maybe?

But since you want to drive like Max Verstappen, you definitely do not want to go out there when there are too much cars on the track. No, Max do not like that.

You must get out of the pit when there are least cars on track. And if you are unlucky enough, the cars on track began to increase once you got out of pit, don't worry.

Open your Team Radio channel, and shout to the team manager or the mechanics, the radio contents have to be: "They are so ******* blind man, it's unbelievable." or "Get those ******* cars out of the way !!!"

When you made a mistake, taking off the track in some random corner, do not be worried. Max never worries, he would generally open the Team Radio and shout: "AAAAHH ****'s SAKE !!!" Then he goes back on the track, and so will you.

Chapter 3

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Here comes some of the real tips:

If you want to execute a turn perfectly, eyes always on the corner when you enter. DO NOT look straight ahead or you will miss the perfect line.

Formula 1 racing is just like any other kinds of track racing, it isn't about how fast you go on the straight, since it's not a DRAG RACE or something, and it sure isn't about how fast you go when you enter a corner, or how late you break. It's about getting the maximum traction and getting the maximum thrust possible without losing tire grip and start spinning in the Apex. Exiting fast in corners provides you with huge time advantage and better top speed on the straight.

How to achieve maximum speed in corners also makes a huge difference in lap time. The perfect way to execute a corner would be to maximum use the width of the track. Take a right turn for example, when you enter, you would really have to be as left as possible when you enter. I'm not talking about normal left, I'm talking about putting both your left front wheel and your left rear wheel off the track, and go as left as possible when you ready to enter the corner. Break at the right distance and put the gear down as clean as possible, eyes on the corner as you break. Then you would have to ease the break slowly and put the throttle back on. if you are still hitting the breaks when you hit the apex of the corner, you are out-breaking yourself. Of course the situation would be a little different if you are overtaking in corners, making an aggressive move allows you to out-break yourself as soon as you stays on the track and forcing the opponent to leave the track. Go as wide as possible once you exit the corner, in a right turn go as left as possible as you exit while putting on maximum throttle possible, then and only then will you get the ultimate speed on the next straight.

Finally I hope all you guys can get the lap speed that's worthy of your talents and be just as fast as Max Verstappen.

Thanks for watching.


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