The free Erdtree weather buff and how to get it

What Are Group Passwords?

A new feature in Elden Ring are group passwords. Unlike multiplayer passwords, which restrict you to ONLY interact with players using the same password - group passwords simply let you visually distinguish who is using the same password as you, and who isn't. It also shows up more of your same groups' bloodstains, messages and signs.

The Hidden Mechanic

The Erdtree petal shower buff is an obscure weather mechanic in the game. It increases your rune acquisition rate by 5%.

Offline, it seems to happen randomly. Online, one of the ways to trigger it is when a member of your password group defeats a main story boss. This happens quite often when you're in the group of many players.

Popular Group Passwords

I will refrain from posting group codes in this guide, as I don't want to feel like I'm intruding into the special communities that creators have formed just for personal benefit. However, I will post the links from some channel creators that I'm a fan of, and will leave you to be a guest of their work and find their group password yourself in their videos. I would advise from your comments to respect that feeling as well, and just limit yourselves to posting the links rather than passwords.

Thank you for your time and have a great day :>


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