This is a guide on how to walk.

The Basics

Walking in Elden Ring, like in many open-world RPGs, is a fundamental part of exploring the vast landscapes and engaging with the game's environments and inhabitants. Here’s a guide to walking effectively in Elden Ring:

Basic Movement Controls

Platform and Controls: Understand the controls based on your gaming platform (PC, PlayStation, Xbox). Typically:

PC: WASD keys for movement.

Console: Left joystick for movement.

Walking vs. Running:

PC: Press lightly on the movement keys (e.g., tap W) to walk.

Console: Slightly tilt the joystick to walk.


PC: Hold down Shift key + movement key to sprint.

Console: Fully push the joystick to sprint.

Walking Techniques


Walking allows for more deliberate exploration and interaction with the environment.

You can take in the scenery, inspect objects, and approach NPCs more cautiously.


Walking is quieter than running, which can be useful for sneaking up on enemies or avoiding detection.

Use walking to approach enemies from behind or to navigate through areas undetected.

Combat Preparation:

Before engaging enemies, consider walking to conserve stamina and to maintain readiness.

Walking also allows you to observe enemy patterns and plan your strategy.

Environmental Interaction

Inspecting Items:

Walking enables precise movement when inspecting items, picking up loot, or interacting with objects in the environment.

NPC Interaction:

Walking gives you a more controlled approach when speaking with NPCs, especially during critical story moments or quests.

Tips for Effective Walking

Manage Stamina:

Walking consumes less stamina than running. This can be crucial in conserving resources during exploration and combat.

Stay Vigilant:

Walking allows you to remain vigilant and react quickly to unexpected threats or traps in the environment.

Enjoy the Atmosphere:

Use walking to immerse yourself in the game's atmosphere. Elden Ring is known for its rich landscapes and mysterious world.


Try different movement speeds in various situations to adapt your playstyle. Sometimes walking slowly can reveal hidden paths or clues.

Customization and Controls


Customize your keybindings if playing on PC to optimize your movement comfort.

Controller Sensitivity:

Adjust joystick sensitivity on consoles to fine-tune your walking and running speeds.

Final Thoughts

Walking in Elden Ring is more than just a means of getting from one point to another; it’s a way to engage deeply with the game’s world, lore, and challenges. Experiment with different movement styles, and embrace the journey as much as the destination


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