How to set up HDR properly on ELDEN RING

How to set up HDR properly on ELDEN RING

How To Set Up HDR Properly

How to set up HDR properly on ELDEN RING image 1

Elden Ring has really poor HDR support, but you can achieve the best HDR effect by following these steps:

Before you begin:

- Ensure that you have launched Elden Ring at least once, set it to fullscreen mode, and turned off HDR. Then exit the game properly.

- Make sure to set the tone mapping mode to HGiG in your TV/monitor settings. This step allows for proper HDR rendering by offloading tone mapping to the application instead of the TV/monitor.

1. Disable Windows HDR.

2. Restart your Windows.

3. Launch ELDEN RING and enable HDR in the display options.

4. Customize the HDR settings according to your preferences.

* For the LG OLED48C3 TV, the optimal settings were Brightness at 5, Saturation at 7, and Peak Brightness at 800 nits.

Author's note: After playing HDR content on Windows or switching to another program and returning to Elden Ring, the screen may appear washed out or grayish. Although inconvenient, restarting the system is the only solution.


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