Fix stuttering (Intel 12th gen processors)

Intel 12th Gen???

Very basic explanation: this generation of chips utilizes performance cores (p-cores) and efficient cores (e-cores).

E-cores are "performance per watt", rather than "pure performance" p-cores.

Elden Ring likes to use e-cores for loading areas (which is what I encountered), causing stuttering (annoying).

So we want the game NOT to use e-cores, but p-cores exclusively.

Solution (using Process Lasso)

Download and install Process Lasso. Open it.

Go to active processes, find eldenring.exe (game must be running).

Right click -> CPU affinity -> Always -> remove checkmarks on CPU cores with letter 'E' (like on screenshot).


This is just one, and, IMO, the most straightforward solution. BUT you can deal without Process Lasso, if you like. Just disable those e-cores some other way.


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