FIX For White Screen, Crashes, Save File Corruption and Controller Issue's

Crash On Load Game, Texture Glitches, Falling Trough Map And Crashing At Certain Locations

After patch 1.03.1 and 1.03.2 countless of people have reported issue's ranging from graphical glitches, to falling trough the map, to crashing on specific locations and even crashing on loading your game. these are all caused by missing/corrupted files in your Elden Ring install folder, you can easily repair this by verifying the integrity of your game files, if you want to know how to do this follow this steam link:

White Screen Crash On Startup

There's a lot of reasons this could happen so i'll list the fixes that have been reported to have some success

1. remove outdated mods after an update happened

2. Easy anti cheat, or the game is having issues because of overlays being used like MSI afterburner, rivatuner or even programs like aura sync are known to clash with it, you could try disabling/updating these programs or running the game trough Special k which bypasses EAC while also offering some basic fixes.(needs offline mode though so only use as last resort)

3. delete temp files in C:/windows/temp

4. some people report success by simply removing epic game launcher from their pc

5. repair/installing your microsoft c++ located at Steam\steamapps\common\Steamworks Shared\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2019\VC_redist.x64 might help

6. your videocard is not compatible with dx12 applications, you can check here if it is:

if you see it can only run DX11 then this may be your final option:

Corrupt/Reverted Save File

save file reverting can often be a sign of faulty steam could saving issue, i recommend turning it off in settings>cloud.

next you want to navigate to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\EldenRing\76561197985591481\ER0000.sl2.bak

and backup both/all of these files elsewhere on your computer (keep doing this regularly in the future)

rename ER0000.sl2.bak to ER0000.sl2 to make your automatic backup file be used instead of your current broken or reverted save file. the number after ER represents the order of characters you made so make sure to rename the correct one. this only works if your auto backup file did not save over your reverted save file, but in the case of save corruption it should always work.

Controller Does Not Work, Or Only Partly Work

Xbox and ps4 controllers are natively picked up by the game, which means in these cases you want to disable controller support in view>settings>controller>general controller settings and UNcheck all support options here


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