Elden Ring: Best spots for rare reagents endless farming (honest to god guide no glitches or rubish).

Elden Ring: Best Spots For Rare Reagents Endless Farming (honest To God Guide With No Glitches Or Rubish).

Im not here to dicuss anything about how awesome the Elden Ring crafting system is, just to share some knowledge to help you locate the best places in the Lands Between so you can get all your sleep and rot pots needs covered.

One of the things i liked from the DLC trailer was a tarnished throwing a massive pot.....picture a humongous ritual pot full of rot and love!, lets start.


The Aeonian butterfly are mainly needed to craft all arrows/bolts, pots and rot grease consumables.

You will be able to loot a respectable amount of them druing your Caelid and Halightree travels, also of course killing the pests (both types) in the rot pools or before entering Elphael Root area. We all know how dastarly and cheap the pests are......so here you have another source, every single basilisk in the lake of rot.

Basilisks are mostly harmless if you avoid their deathblight clouds, also they are extremly easy to kill. As you can see in the gif above, the first plataform you spawn in the lake (near the grace) has two basilisks you can kill without problems. Then all you have to do is to teleport the the grace and repeat.....better than the pests for sure.


Have little to say about the mushrooms, other than they are not that rare but needed to craft rot pots and other consumables. They respawn after a grace reset and you can mainly loot them in Caelid and from the zombies in the Shaded Castle.

This spot seconds away from the Caelid Cathedral of Dragon comunnion will allow you to get all you want without having to kill anything.


Now here we have the probably most useful lily of the game and good news, they are not that uncommon. Used to craft anything sleep related the consumables obtained from them are life savers in a lot of situations. Per example, a fellow tarnished just posted today he was having troubles dealing with a runebear. I regret now not suggesting him to throw a sleep pot to the bear face......and not only bears, trolls, Godskin cultists (both types) and even bosses.

As you can see the jellyfish outside Apostate Derelict have decent chances to drop them. Also the whole church is covered by them but you can obtain decent stacks of lilies in just a few minutes.

Now the final consumables for now. Do you like?


Here you can farm the golden centipedes. ONLY the guardians near this church (you also loot the golden order seal here).


Also golden sunflower for


So...deatblight swamps full of undead? Hold my holy water.

And thats all i hope it helps someone. Will certainly updated this guide but feel free to ask anything in the Elden Ring forums.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2927037227					

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