Radiant Quests

Radiant Quests


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Stonehenges from Herelsor and Solna plainsHere you will find most of these quests.

Arena next to the Lighthouse on Solna plainI only found the soldiers here.

Event: Nick Of Time

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Quest Giver: Ragna the Alchemist

Objective: Gather as many Crimsonblooms as you can

Reward: Gemstone

Time Limit: 2 minutes


I advise to get a Necoarc mount before attempting to get all of the Crimsonblooms.

Collect at least 10(?) out of 15 Crimsonblooms around the NPC and deliver them back within 2 minutes.

Event: Off My Chest

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Quest Giver: Crow and his brother

Objective: Search the marked place and try to find the hidden treasure in the marked place(s)

Reward: Gemstone and 1000 Heyr

Time Limit: 12 minutes


First time is free, after that you need to pay 500 Heyr.

Tier 1 - Pay 500 Heyr and find the chest in the big zone

Tier 2 - Pay 500 Heyr and find the chest in one of the 3 small zones

Tier 3 - ???

Recover Apothecary Satchel

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Quest Giver: Novice Alchemist (?)

Objective: Recover the novice's satchel from a pack of 3 Croctas.

Reward: Choice between A curative item (Potion x2), A bunch of herbs (Coachman's Friend x6) or An Ambrosia Reed.

Time Limit: N/A


Go to the quest marker and defeat the enemies.

Help With Malpractice

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Quest Giver: Apprentice Apothecary

Objective: Heal a peasant (or kill him in the process)

Reward: Materials

Time Limit: N/A


Before this quest you will meet the apprentice talking to his master. You will overhear his teachings about giving the correct cure for each ailment (should have wrote that down).

After that you will meet the apprentice tending to a ill NPC.

Give the corect cure based on patient symptoms.

TODO - Fireleaf Bellows

Severe Malnutrition - Ether Blood

TODO - Crystal Needle

Ormund The Storyteller

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Quest Giver: Ormund the Storyteller

Objective: Click Next

Reward: Lore

Time Limit: N/A


Educate Yourself!... for the low price of 100 Heyr!

Recover Nekaroo Plushie

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Quest Giver: Kid

Objective: Recover Nekaroo plushie

Reward: Gemstone

Time Limit: N/A?


Search the marked area and find the shining ball of light, then return the plushie to the kid.

Save The Pilitch Breeder

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Quest Giver: Pilitch Breeder

Objective: Kill a Croctas

Reward: Pilitch Egg

Time Limit: N/A


Kill the Croctas then return to the quest giver for a reward.

Beat The ♥♥♥♥ Out Of Some Soldiers

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Quest Giver: Herelsor Captain

Objective: "Teach" Captain's underlings some new moves

Reward: Item (Fire bomb) and 500 Heyr

Time Limit: N/A


Talk to the Capitan and beat the soldiers

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