How to get (most) of the old keybinds


You need to swap the interface.txt file.

1) Have a copy of both the Steam version and the classic version

2) Go into the classical versions folder here: ./DwarfFortress/data/init/ and copy the interface.txt file

3) Go into the steam version folder here: ./steamapps/common/Dwarf Fortress/prefs/

4) Rename interface.txt to interface.txt.old

5) Paste new interface.txt

6) Launch steam version and enjoy


No it is not perfect... Good luck digging. You are forced to use the mouse for most things, but at least 'wasd' and Z-level stuff is back to the old method!

From what I have played with so far - It might not be entirely fixable. The keyboard cursor is different from the mouse cursor, so unless you want numpad to only work with mouse cursor and then arrow keys to only work with keyboard cursor then you will not have a fun time.

Custom Interface.txt / Hotkey Setup - Updated 2022/12/07

Replace interface.txt with this.


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