The Kash Krabs Build (2023)

The Kash Krabs Build (2023)


You have found yourself in a quick match with 3 cross-play noob gamers, and even though you've joined halfway through the level you have reached a higher kill count than your entire team combined. During this time, you've learned that 1 or more of your teammates has a microphone that they use to capture all of the inner workings of their family as background noise; or they are suffering from a serious respiratory illness. There is only 1 thing you can do to match the level of chaos you've stumbled upon.


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Welcome to my guide on how to roleplay Mr. Krabs in Back 4 Blood. We will cover the cards that you will build, as well as your role in the match.

The Kash Krabs Deck

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This deck is created to inconvenience just about everyone in the game, including yourself. You excel at 2 things:

Generating large sums of money

Running very fast

This deck also includes 3 cards (Breakout, Mag Coupler, and Quick Kill) that are for general survivability, although we forego focused resilience to buff our ability to acquire cash quickly. If you see fit, these cards may be replaced. Mag Coupler and Quick Kill provide massive buffs that will help with your ability to flick and quickly kill any stragglers without sacrificing your ability to run faster than everyone else in the lobby and spot cash from afar.

Your Character Selection

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Character selection for builds is usually what makes or breaks a team; of these characters there is only one you should be clicking on if available.

Evangelo is speculated to be the most selected character in Back 4 Blood, so it is important that you steal this option away from the cross-play noob trash to make their match experience as unsatisfactory as possible. Evangelo provides the extra 5% movement speed and personal stamina regeneration that will assist with your ability to run fast. Running fast is extremely important if you are to fill the role of the Kash Krabs, as you will not make it to the money first if you are slow. By selecting Evangelo, we give our teammates a false sense of security; as they believe that you will be a slippery DPS build. This is not the case, as your focus will be on running away from all danger faster than your teammates (aka bait).

If our sweet prince is not available

We will next select Dan as our playable character for the run. Dan provides some particularly mediocre buffs, as well as a "random" buff on revive. As the Kash Krabs, you are never going to be reviving your lackeys, as they are cross-play noob trash and contribute more dead than alive (less competition in acquiring the money). As an added perk of selecting Dan, you have a suspicious looking mustache that gives an aura of greed in the lobby; which is fantastic for your roleplay scenario.

Last, but possibly the most devious of them all

Tala is one of the only characters in the game that feels truly unique, as her passive buffs are both refreshing and exciting for the entire team. One of the amazing roleplay aspects of picking Tala is her ability to spawn in a blue Smasher, who you will refer to as Squidward every time they are called upon. When Tala is selected, the cross-play noob trash will be oblivious to her devious secondary perk, which is spawning a warped chest in every match. These warped chests provide amazing loot that can make runs a cakewalk; at a cost. This cost is what we are after; early on if you score a legendary, it makes your teammates feel powerful and secure in their run. You will take this first legendary weapon drop and unbind your primary fire key. Every warped chest you open from that point on will provide great loot (and sometimes cash), but eventually there is no need for better loot. You will not stop opening these warped chests until your entire team has too many corruption cards stacked against them to continue on safely.

The Playstyle

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Kash Krabs is stacked with many copper generating cards and movement speed buffs; we will use these movement speed buffs to sprint towards our cash at a much faster pace than our "lackeys". If you are unfamiliar with this incredible survival tactic that crabs possess, refer to the material below:

Running also has the added benefit of allowing us to move away from danger faster than our lackeys. The movement skills that we possess with our copious amounts of speed buffs and stamina regeneration are compounded with our use of a mouse and keyboard; which is vastly superior to the controllers that our cross-play noob trash are using. Utilizing our movement speed and our knowledge of the "survival onion", we can employ various maneuvers to avoid playing the game to the same extent that we would if we selected a normal DPS build; which is what we typically do to deliver our cross-play noob trash an easy win. This movement focused playstyle is what delivers them a similar experience as they deliver us; low kill counts, little contribution to clearing the waves of enemies thrown at us, and possibly a lot of deaths (Negated through Evangelo's passive or through your employment of the "Breakout" card in your deck). If you do not possess knowledge of the "Survival onion", refer to the image below:

The important part of our playstyleOur money, as you may have already assumed, is generated through collecting the cash placed in the level and various "Team" (lackey) effects from our cards, as well as our own held cash from each round. You are aware that your lackeys are also generating a certain amount of money each round, and you will instruct your cross-play noob trash lackeys to drop all of the currency generated by your team effects; because they would not have it if not for your presence in the lobby (They are stealing your money). You are owed this money, and you will instruct your lackeys to "empty their registers" at the beginning and the end of each level.

Money is a valuable resource in Back 4 Blood; it allows you to purchase randomized ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ that you will not be using loot from the crate at the beginning of the match. Depending on your dedication to fulfilling the role of the Kash Krabs, you can choose to make these purchases; or you can choose to watch the funny number increase as your lackeys beg you to spend the copious amounts of cash you are creating on buffs such as "better equipment", and "health and safety". It is entirely up to you how you choose to roleplay Mr. Krabs.

Good Luck Soldier

We both know that there are many Planktons out in this vast ocean we call "cross-play", and they are all trying to benefit from your presence (steal your swagger). You and I both know as PC players we are the only ones who can guarantee victory, and it is up to you to get your team to the end of the match. If you have ever pondered upon the idea of being as useless as your cross-play noob trash lackeys, I suggest that you follow this guide in it's entirety. We care about 1 thing, and that is stealing all of the money and the best gear from the people in your lobby that are trying to win. This is the only way to provide our perspective of the cross-play experience back to our lackeys.


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