[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob

[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob

Card Overview And Explanation

[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 1

Card No.1 - 10 are core cards, you must have them to have the necessary functions to make this build work.

No.1 is self explanatory

No.2-4 are the best copper cards

No.5 gives your team 4 more lifes

No.6 speed up revives for your team since you'll be dying a lot. Has incap trauma reduction like No.1

No.7 is the most important core function card. Every time someone is downed they drop a pipe bomb(this bomb is not affected by grenade quality upgrade). This allows the rest of the team to take a breather and regroup, and with many lifes you all have it guarantees your team survivability throughout the mission.

No.8 synergize with No.7, generates supply with the mobs pipe bomb killed when u die.

No.9 synergize with No.10. Every time someone is downed the rest of the team recover hp, and if they are at full hp, and with overheal, even their hp is capped by trauma, they will still gain temporary health.You might ask why copper cards are a must, well first it's to make sure you have enough copper to buy med kit, defibs and their inventory upgrade. Second, this is a support build which eliminates the possibility for it to take the roles of DPS or melee. And you dont really need a medic stacking healing effectiveness for it's unnecessary, which means copper cards are the best way to maximize the value this build can provide to your team.

No.11-15 are flexible If you are not very skill at this game yet I recommend just use the cards on the screenshot. More heal, more life, and give your team more inventory, equip MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL to generate extra life just in case your team doesn't have a medic(with this build the team doesn't require a medic).

SMELLING SALTS is also great with its 200% revive speed

If you are skilled enough, you can use GLASS CANNON, MAD DASH, RUN LIKE HELL to build a semi-dps in case your team's firepower is lacking

How It Works - Takes No Skills To Use

[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 14

- granted that your team has at least one pro that does DPS. You are not gonna beat No Hope with 4 noobs even with this build lol

This build is powerful even without a skilled player because it runs on the power of math. That's right, math.

As I mentioned before this build only works with Dan because he has an ability which gives 1 out of 7 random effect when a teammate is revived:

5% dmg bonus

5% dmg reduction

spawn grenades that immediately explodes;

spawn smoke grenades that immediately explodes;

refill HP to trauma cap - this and grenade effects^ are the useless ones

spawn 4 copper pile - they are not shared and only adds copper to whoever picked it up, so make sure you pick it up yourself with all those copper card bonus

+1 life for all team member- the jackpot

- How the math comes in(if the number makes you dizzy here just see next section of it's effect):

You start with 14 lifes or more in total(3 life for three other teammate, 5 lifes for u), and statistically you get 4 extra life(one for each teammate) for every 7 revives. This means on average you'll ended up having a total of 26 lifes(+1 life effect trigger 3 times) for your team before all lifes are depleted.

26 lifes are the minimum estimated average. If more people have NEEDS OF MANY card or GROUP HUG burn cards, or factor in the extra life you get by using med kit and defibs with MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL effect, you'll ended up 30 or even 40 lifes.

With the pipe bomb and extra shield/hp every time someone dies, it gives your team a window to regroup and push forward. With these absurd numbers of lifes you have in total, it's enough to help you progress through the entire level

How Well It Works

[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 30

This is my test run with bots on No Hope. With bots equipping NEEDS OF MANY card they started with 4 lifes and me 7 lifes. This is the result we get even with Tala getting blasted off the building half way through

No Hope?

[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 33

Yep, even No Hope can be easy with this build. However there's a catch, your team must have at least 2 member using GROUP HUG burn card.

It's also very important to refill your team's life with med kit as No Hope does not restore lifes to max for every level. It means you need to have at least 3k copper at hand just to buy med kit, in coop you may need to ask teammate for coins.

If any teammate starts with 0 life, you can down them and revive with defib. It gives 1 life just as med kit and it's 50 cheaper, and it allows you to farm 1 more Light card.

It's necessarily to start with at least 3 lifes minimum for each players for this build to function somewhat reliably. If all 4 players uses group hug card and everyone starts with 5 lifes, it can ended like the screenshot in the last section.

No Hope Solo

[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 39
[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 40

This is the card I personally used for solo No Hope if anyone wanna try.

Solo tips:

Use Tala for white chests spawn, keep restarting runs until you get bot Dan in your team.

Use shotgun build with AA12. The most important thing in solo is your own firepower for taking out mutants. Bots are almost impossible to get killed by regular mobs if no mutants are to interfere, so you need to maximize mutant killing efficiency.

Unbolt your main weapon to swap out attachment you find in other guns throughout the levels. The best attachment you want on your AA12 are:

- Barrel: Infinite range with 30% dmg(gold)

- Mag: Dmg + mag size(gold)

- Scope: any with dmg increase(gold)

- Stock: movement speed + sprint speed(purple) OR increase accuracy when crouched(gold)

Get in caves asap to farm the attachments

Use shotgun burn card to get AA12 asap(no need GROUP HUG because NPCs aready have 3+ life for the team)

Get double barrel as side arm just for Breaker. When breaker spawn and if you dont have an flashbang, then just let him down you and keep shooting him with the double barrel. Though you need to have at least 3 lifes to do this because sometimes bots picks you up faster than you want them to XD

Copper priority: First buy med kit to heal bots to at least 3 lifes, and yourself for at least 5 lifes. Then buy upgrade: Med/Tool inventory upgrade > Med/Tool quality upgrade > everything else

Bots' coppers will not go to you unless you have failed once and retry. Not sure if the copper for the last level or all previous levels though.

When you see a defib/med kit that you cant carry, down a npc and use it, spawn one more LIGHT card, dont waste the resources

Same goes for med cabinet, if any bots have full lifes, down them first then pin the cabinet to let them use it

In the first few missions bring tool kit for doors for possible white chest spawn and extra med cabinet for bots. After you geared up enough and Tool inventory size is bigger, then use defib and dont need to open cache doors anymore

I've successfully soloed Act 6 without too much of a struggle. Well, mostly soloed, I had another player to help with the end of the 1st level cuz planting c4 at the lighthouse is a colossal pain with bots getting instant kill by the orge. And may have used like 3 hell can wait cards cuz some survival battle like the universe room. But overall, solo using this build with all the copper at your own disposal and bots' god tier survivability is pretty interesting and fun. Try it out for yourself

Important Notes

[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 60
[Lightbringer/No Hope solo Build] Helps pull your weight in Nightmare/No Hope even if you're noob image 61

I'm not trying to encourage every noob to go on No Hope and make pro players mad like what's happening a lot in this game.

I only want for players who intends to try out high difficulty to use this build in order to contribute their fair share of effort, even if they are the weakest link in the team.

Despite me saying this build requires no skills to use, this is not a no-brainer omnipotent build. You are not gonna get very far if you go proudly die for your country kamikaze on everything etc.

After all this build is fundamentally luck-based and there's a chance you wont spawn any extra life effect even with all life consumed. Discretion is still required.

Avoid permanent death at all cost. There's no respawn point on No Hope. Make sure your team have defib to revive teammate with no lifes. Be very very careful not to get environmental death such as falling of the building like Tala did up there.

Stick together. Make sure you team can reach downed member in time. And the pipe bomb doesnt have a very big effective range.

If free med cabinet is available, let the member with least number of lifes use them instead of using it to heal member with most trauma

Strategically choose to suicide. Because you have 2 or more extra lifes than the team, in areas full of zombie, it would be good to charge head in and let all zombie chase you, get as far as you can before getting taking down. The pipe bomb would clear all the zombies in the area and saves your team potential causalities if they were to fight normally. Well, saves casualty except your own life of course, so make sure you have enough lifes to get through the remaining level if you choose to perform such act.

Strategically kill bots on purpose. Because bots takes no trauma damage, takes no environmental damage, and they revive with massive health, in addition they have incredible defensive ability and dont get hit easily even when surrounded by mobs, they dont die easily, and it would be a good idea to down a bot when they are at low health either to heal them after reviving or sacrifice their life to cover your team.

During copper event level where tons of big pile copper spawn and copper slows you down, be sure to communicate with your team and only let you pick up all coppers. Same to the copper spawned by The Light ability, those big pile coppers are also not shared and only you have those 3 copper bonus card. Every time someone else picks up a pile of copper, your team lose 100 copper, because your could pick up almost double amount on average.

Now you are ready to cause some mayhem wit this build. Like what they always say,

Darkness is nothing but the absence of

or a flamethrower

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3025583774					

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