Coke's No Hope AA12 Guide

Coke's No Hope AA12 Guide

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The AA12 is the highest DPS of the shotguns. It can fell breakers and ogres effortlessly with continuous fire. However, it has 3 major drawbacks:

Low range

Poor accuracy shooting weakspots

Very high ammo consumption

This guide is going to teach you how to counter these drawbacks using characters, cards, attachments and other weapons to turn the AA12 into the ultimate No Hope weapon.


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Pick Jim. This is a pure damage build and Jim does the most damage with 10 headshot stacks.


If you can't get Jim, pick Walker, since he is the second highest-damage character.


Tala is the third choice, because of Bleed and spawning the corruption crates that you can loot for legendary attachments.


Last choice would be Hoffman, for spawning ammo.


Shell CarrierSilver BulletsLarge Caliber BulletsMarked For DeathRolling ThunderHyper-FocusedGlass CannonShredderConfident KillerAmmo MuleScattergun SkillsHunker DownWooden ArmorBody Armor

Damage Above AllNameTypeReasonDamage/AmmoDamageUse your secondary to down lone commonsDamageSave ammo by penetrating hordes with one shotDamageDamageDamageDamageDamageDamageAmmoAlways help your team by shooting the most zombiesErgonomicsPreferred over Mag Coupler to allow user to aim down sightsErgonomicsCrouch to ensure all pellets hit boss weakspots; stand when firing into the horde to ensure each pellet hits a different targetSurvivalOur survival options are limited, this is the easiest in my opinionSurvivalSurvival



Spray 'n PrayInfinite Effective Range

This is a shotgun, so you only do the baseline damage at short range (which is actually very short). This barrel is essential to taking out Ogres, Breakers, and other bosses that you do not want near you.


+ 75% Effective Range

If you cannot get the Spray 'n Pray, go for its mortal child, the Long .

+P Ammo+ 15% Bullet Damage

This is the go-to. A strict damage boost that allows you to counter common and specials on equal footing.

Can of Whup-Ass

+ 20% Fire Rate

+ 75% Size

- 40% Recoil Control

This magazine is the essence of the AA12 on steroids. The only reason I recommend it below the +P Ammo is because it will shorten your ammo supplies by a huge margin. This is not recommended for a long campaign.

Sharpshooter's Monocle2x Magnification

+ 100% Weakspot Damage

Since we are going for pure damage, this optic is a no-brainer.


2x Magnification

+ 15% Weakspot Damage

The second choice.

Steady HandWhile crouching, gain + 70% Accuracy

This is probably the most important attachment. Stand while you fire at hordes and see them fall in large swathes. Crouch when firing at weakspots and specials and see them stumble.


Coming soon.


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