B4B ZWAT Completion Tracking Gdoc


So, since Back 4 Blood doesn't support it officially, I decided to make my own tables for ZWAT achievement tracking in a GDoc. While I did this for personal use, I figured I couldn't be the only one who would want to track their progress, and decided to share it on here. I made slots for each character under each chapter, including the DLC acts and characters.

Hope this helps someone!

The Gdoc Link

You can find the GDoc table by following the below link:


(The above link may not work on mobile devices.)

In order to be able to edit it with your own tracking, as it is a read-only doc, click the big 'Use Template' button in the top-right to make a copy on your own Drive account.

Once you have your copy, you can also quickly go to a certain Act, Part, or Chapter by clicking on it in the table of contents and then clicking the link therein. Then just type an 'X' or whatever in the 'Completed' box next to a character's name once you've done that map with that character, obviously.

This is just a template, so you can adjust or customize it however you want. Add columns to the table to remember what deck you used to complete it, whether you finished the map on that character on No Hope, or whatever else you want!


Welp, that's it! Hope this helped at least a few people keep track of their progress towards those cool-lookin' uniforms on their characters! Best of luck, and may you leave many ridden dead at your feet in pursuit of these cool outfits!

~ Deae Lunae

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2935723496					

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