Advanced Medic

Advanced Medic

How It Works

When someone gets downed/killed, everyone else heals.

The downed person spawns a pipe bomb distract riddens, allowing you to rescue them smoothly.

You use defibs to keep everyone alive, 1 defib = 2 lifes(defib gives 2 life when reviving dead teammate with 0 lifes).

Begin with a minimum of 4 defibs which allows your teammate to down 8 extra times

Core Cards

Advanced Medic image 6

No.1 - 11 are must have cards. You need every last one of them to function properly.

Optional Cards

Advanced Medic image 9

A flexibility of 4 cards to choose based on your personal playstyle. The screenshot above is the cards I'm using, here're some more that also work:


these 2 are the best mobility card in the game and do wonders in keeping yourself alive, and the survivability of yourself is at utmost importance


sometimes can be very helpful as the damage buff stacks. If your team run into multiple mutants or a breaker and died multiple times in short amount of times, the damage buff will stack up fast and make quick work of those enemies.


nice to have if you don't have a preference.

Extra lifes

helps keep yourself alive which as I mentioned is very important for this build. SECOND CHANCE increase bleed out time can be quite helpful if you run into a situation where you are downed and teammates are unable to reach you fast enough.


works great when there's a 2nd healer in your team and you dont have to worry about yourself dying. You can even charge into enemy lines as deep as you can and draw all the enemies within the area to you and kill them with death bomb. You'll be like santa, dropping presents everywhere you go.

Important Note & Gameplay Tips

Only use defib on dead teammates

i.e. teammate you cannot press E to pull up.

It's the only way you can heal 2 life with 1 defib(when you die your life doesnt become -1 it stays at 0. Defib itself gives you 1 life by bring u back, and MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL card makes u have 1 life when revived, thus 2 lifes in total)

Only buy quick tool inventory upgrade. And team hp upgrade if you have copper to spare.

Other upgrades does not benefit this build.

Don't use med cabinet.

You heal 1 life for 125 copper with defib, and cabinet is 3 time more expensive. Tell your teammate to not use them neither. Only under dire circumstances you can consider using it yourself to ensure team survival

Only thing you need to buy is defib.

You dont need med. This build has no healing efficiency and does not benefit from it neither.

If someone started the level with low hp and no life, kill them and revive with defib.

Heals them for 1 life


Its blinding effect is deadly, despite the speed use benefit.

Encourage everyone to buy OUT WITH A BANG if spawned.

the pipe bomb quality(duration and dmg) increases when held by multiple players

Rescue your teammate either immediately or after pipe explodes..

Before the explosion, the bomb distracts enemies and your healing buff are still in effect for tanking dmg like acid. However the bomb deals considerable damage to whoever spawned it(but less to others), they risk getting killed by the bomb right after getting rescued. If the rescuing is delayed, still begin rescue action while bombs are ticking but time the progress bar to finish after the bomb detonates. Timing is critical.

If you rescue a teammate late, they may not escape in time and could be killed by the bomb,

If 2 players are using this build(Mom + Dan), your team is basically immortal.

If 3 players(+ Karlee) are using, then No Hope would feel like Recruit.

Life transfusion trick

Two 0 life players reviving each other can spawn infinite bombs and team heal, especially useful in tough survival fights such as last level of act 1.If your team does not have life transfusion card, and you are the only healer: Keep yourself alive at all cost.

Prioritize your own survival. You can revive everyone else but no one can revive you.

Save med kits for yourself only and avoid getting downed at all cost. You are the only one in the team that cannot afford to die.

Shoot Your Teammates!


In case of emergency such as a horde coming while your team is in the open, or your team are on the run with zombies right up ur ass: consider purposely shoot down a low hp teammate(preferably not a dps) and immediately pull them up. It spawns the bomb and triggers the heal to cover the rest.

If all your team's health is low then just execute a low hp 0 life teammate then revive to heal. Or execute a 1 life teammate twice in a roll for more heal.

Sometimes execute low hp teammates to save your own asses either to heal or distract riddens. Your life is much more important than everyone else's.

Prioritize executing bots if present as they take no incap trauma and revive with full max hp.

Use shotguns as main weapon, especially TAC or AA12 as their dmg is high and provide a swift painless execution. But do not waste shotgun ammo on enemies if your team has a shotgun dps. Use sidearms for protecting yourself against riddens and stay away from mutantsYou might ask what's the difference between your teammate getting killed by you or the zombies. Difference being preemptively downing a teammate is safer than relying on unpredictable zombie attacks and teammates' performance. This proactive approach minimize risks like simultaneous downs, separation, and delayed rescue(missing the pipe bomb window makes reviving much more dangerous). Your team will be able to maintain formation and firepower. Sacrificing one life is the safest way to ensure team survival.

And of course you need to take the number of defibs you have left into consideration. Make sure there're enough defibs for the rest of the level.

Best Characters For This Build

Dan = Mom > Karlee

(Between Mom and Dan, Dan is better if you are more experienced at the game)

Dan's passive randomly buffs the team, spawns copper, spawns grenade to cover you after rescuing, and even granting your team an extra life.

Mom's passive heals team for 25 temp hp which doubles the healing of this build, she also speed up revive

Karlee allows you to carry one more defib and her passive gives 50% use speed which speed up revive

Advanced Medic Vs. Regular Medic

Pros: Much better functionality and copper efficient

Doesnt need healing efficiency or trauma heal, frees up cards for other benefits like death bombs, damage buffs, fast revives etc.

Works great when playing with inexperienced or unskilled players. They would burn up the resources of a regular medic who would want to keep everyone hp and trauma high, but with this build they can just die, your team benefits from dying.

Dan freaking loves it.

Doesn't depend on meds thus cost much less copper. You heal one life for 125 copper and at the same time fill up everyone else's hp bar by half.

Doesn't depend on meds thus saving you the headache when you teammate just use meds themselves instead of giving someone with regular medic build to use.

Cons: Hard to keep yourself alive.

Unlike regular medic you cant just use a bandage on yourself and suddenly you hp is full, so it takes skills to avoid taking dmg and avoid being downed.

Luck-dependent in terms of finding the life transfusion card. That card works sooo well for this build and would compensate all the disadvantage of your own survivability.

Potential misunderstandings. Not many people know how this build work and thus may think you are a noob or get toxic or even kick you out when they see you shooting down teammates. Be sure to communicate with your team.


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